There are many ways during the winter months to get sick, and just as many methods to decreasing your exposure. Wash your hands, do not touch your face and get plenty of rest are all great advice.

We also know that taking the time to clean can decrease the risk of getting sick and spreading it to family members, coworkers or friends.

Below is a list of commonly used items that we all use on a daily basis that need to be cleaned and disinfected.  My bet would be that the majority of us do not clean the majority of these items. So when you read this, start to think about how much you really touch  and use the item, and how little it is cleaned.

-          Your cell phone

The one item we have at arm’s length all the time. We carry it in our pocket or purse, we then hold it up to our face constantly. We also share it with others to play games, see pictures or take phone calls.  Many people use it in the bathroom, while eating and everywhere in between, which is pretty gross to think about.

-          Your keys

Again, this item is always with you, in your purse or pocket, and you touch them constantly if you have your hand in your pocket, or when you drive. We also are always dropping our keys, setting them down in many different places.

-          Your keyboard and mouse

Yes, we may use the aerosol can and blow away the dust and crumbs every couple months, but that does not disinfect them.  If you have a family computer, there are many hands touching them on a daily basis. Again, many of us eat and do other activities while on the computer.

-          Steering wheel and controls in your car

Yes you may armor all the interior of your car. But think about how much your touch your steering wheel and controls in your car.  This is probably one of the most neglected areas to disinfect.

-          Remote controls

Whether it is your TV remote, or your gaming remotes, they spend hours in your hands without cleaning. Then the next person picks them up and may pick up whatever germs are left behind.

-          Light switches and door knobs

These are constantly touched by everyone when entering and leaving a room, make sure they are consistently cleaned.

-          Stove and dishwasher buttons

Yes you are cleaning the dishes after cooking, but after you load the dishwasher and press the settings and start button, there could be years of old  meals on the buttons, your stove is no different.

-          Credit cards

Think about the cards in your wallet or purse. You take them out, hand them to someone, they swipe it where they swipe hundreds of cards a day, and give it back to you. Or maybe even worse, you are outside and swipe your card for gas or at an ATM. When you think about how and where your cards are used, I guarantee you start to clean them often!

-          Glasses

They sit on your head, you are constantly adjusting them, the oils from your face and hair get on the bands. It is not so much the lenses, but the frames that should be cleaned regularly.

-          Headphones

There are not many openings to the inside of your body, but your ears are one of them.  You jam headphones into them, go workout and get sweaty, then shove them in your gym bag only to do it all again. Neglecting to clean these could lead to some gnarly infections.