The Changing Face of Employment

Broadband and technology have slowly, but surely been killing off a number of jobs.  These jobs are not only antiquated ones that no longer have a place in modern society.  There are a lot of jobs that no longer exist or that are slowly being killed by the use of technology and the internet.

1 Watch Repairers

In the past if you had a problem with your watch you would simply go to a watch repair shop to get if fixed.  However, the internet and technology is slowly killing this profession.  The costs of repairing watches are now much higher than the cost of getting a new watch from an online store.  There are a lot of people who would rather buy a new watch from Amazon or eBay than look for a store where their watch can be fixed.

Replacing a battery in your watch is something that you would take to the watch store.  Today you can get the battery and a video telling you want to do with step by step instructions online.  You can also easily buy any of the tools that you need online.

2 Camera Repairers

Like the watch repairer the camera repairer is on the decline because of technology and the internet.  You can find a new camera for a lot less than the cost of getting your old camera fixed.  If the problem is not that big then you can also find a tutorial online that will tell you what to do and how to do it.  The vast amount of information that can be found on the internet means that you never have to worry about getting something repaired. 

3 The Movie Rental Store Owner

While there are still movie rental stores they are on the decline and this is due to the wonders of the internet.  The internet has opened a number of doors to people in regards to watching movies when they want.  Previously you would have to go to the rental store and get the movie or series that you want to see.

Today you do not have to do this and that is generally because of the internet.  Internet TV offers on demand viewing of shows and films.  You can also download these movies and shows from a number of different stores so that you can watch them whenever you want.  The best part of this is that you do not have to leave your home.

4 The Office Assistant

The office assistant is slowly being replaced by the online version, which is the virtual assistant.  The virtual assistant is able to complete all of the tasks that you would get the office assistant to do. However, they are not on the premises and work with you over the internet.  This could also slowly work its way into all aspects of assistant positions. 

5 The Desktop Publisher

The desktop publisher is a job that has been in decline for a number of years because of technological advances on the internet.  Many major publishing houses no longer need the publishers because they are looking at digital copies of books and magazines. 

The online world is full of ebooks that come from publishing houses and self publishing sites.  As anyone can create ebooks the need for a full time dedicated publisher is not longer necessary.

6 The Librarian

When was the last time you saw a library where people where actually going in?  The use of libraries is declining because of the internet.  This means that there is no longer a great demand for trained librarians.  There are also a number of online libraries that house all the books that you would find in the regular library.  The difference is that you do not have to leave your home.  You also don’t have to go through the task of getting a library card and trying to find the book that you want.

7 The Postman

While there are still a lot of postmen out and about the overall career has been declining.  This is due to the increased use of email and all the things that you can do online.  It is possible to send people an email if you want to talk and you can send them an electronic greeting card if you want to wish them happy birthday.  There is little need to go to your post office and actually post a letter.

While the postman is declining there are still times when you need delivery people.  This is generally when you need to have a parcel sent.  However, more and more companies are not using the average postman anymore as they are looking into couriers. 

8 The Door to Door Sales Person

A job that has basically been killed by the internet is the door to door sales person.  Today you generally do not find people going door to door trying to sell you something like an encyclopaedia.  Even the door to door Avon seller is no longer around.  This is due to the ease with which people can buy things online. 

Of course, there are some people who state that the internet did not kill the door to door sales person, but rather morphed them into something different.  These people consider affiliate marketers to be the online equivalent to the door to door sales person and they might be right.  However, this is still a job that you do not see anymore.

9 The Printers

Another job that is being killed by the internet and technology is the printer.  These people generally had a small store where they designed and printed things that you simply could not do at home.  This is no longer the case as the internet and technology allows you to do all of this.  You can easily print high quality flyers and pictures from your home printer.  You can also get someone to design something for you online or do it yourself with downloaded software.

10 Paperhangers

Paperhangers are the people who set up billboards and hang wall paper.  Technology is killing these jobs because many billboards are electronic and do not require people to hang the images.  There is also a shift in focus for many marketers where they are looking at internet marketing instead of billboards.

To work at home these days you don’t need the most expensive broadband. O2 broadband, Tesco broadband or just about any reasonable provider will suffice. Millions of people now make their money as a direct result of the advances in broadband and the internet.

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