What is the Key to Happiness?
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I’ve often heard the question: what’s the key to happiness and I thought I should marshal my thoughts on the subject in this article.

But first things first: what is happiness?

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More than anything, I think happiness is personal satisfaction and fulfillment. It does not spring from material possessions neither does it spring from one’s position in life. It’s an innate thing and what makes you happy, may not necessarily make me happy. It’s highy subjective, in the sense that what you call happiness is not what I see it as.

Does happiness have a key? I think it does have but, it’s just not a key but many keys.

10 Keys to Happiness in Life

  • Love Thyself: Undoubtedly one way to be happy is to love and accept yourself as you are. If you wish to be another person, you’d end up in miseryland. Also, be yourself, give pretenses a wide boot!
  • Learn New Skills: This used to be a problem for me but I’m gradually getting over it and learning and challenging my brain in new ways.
  • Help Others: Helping others is one sure way to get fulfillment and don’t talk about the fact that you don’t have money to help. You can help in other ways by volunteering your time and energy to help with a project, etc
  • Don’t Fight Change: It’s the only constant in life, so accept it with all the serenity it requires. Fighting change is a futile attempt; it would get you no where. Rather, develop insight and prepare for changes before they come. Or even get out of your comfort zone to avoid changes being forced on you.
  • Be Courageous and Daring: Our brains love to do new and exciting things, so build up courage to face your fears and dare things you have put on hold for a long time.
  • Be Content with What You Have: Happiness does not arise from having money; neither does it arise from being a top ranking official. All you need to prove this is to go to places where poor people reside and see the contentment they radiate! Even while striving for more, be content with what you already have.
  • Forgive Those Who Have Wronged You: Unforgiveness breeds bitterness, resentment and unhappiness; get rid of it by determining to forgive all who have wronged you in one way or the other unreservedly. Don’t just determine, go right ahead and forgive them this very minute. It would feel good; it would feel like a heavy burden has been lifted off your shoulders. It’s a feeling you simply cannot quantify. Go right ahead and forgive!
  • Don’t Allow Stress Get In the Way: We all live busy lives and stress has become second nature to us. It’s either we’re stressed from our job, relationships, marriage, etc but try as much as possible to manage stress. Find time to destress and retune into yourself through meditation, deep breathing exercises and other forms of exercise.
  • Take Care of Your Body: Give your body the attention it deserves, check up with your Doctor and eat healthy and balanced meals. When the body needs rest, don’t hesitate to give it what it needs.
  • Strike Friendly Relationships: We’re human and have a strong need to connect with others, so, don’t hesistate to connect with other people, network with them, socialize with them, chat with them and help them when the need arises.

With these 10 keys to happiness, we all can find happiness in our little corners and make the world a better place to live in. Try them out today; they sure work.

On a serious note, I want to say you can be happy, no matter what you’re going through right now; a divorce, bad relationship, business losses, career going downhill, etc. You can still be happy despite these situations because happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy no matter what. So, choose to be happy today; develop a positive attitude towards whatever is happening in your life now; you’d be glad you did!

You sure deserve to be happy, don't you think so?