Here are top 10 Kickstarter Crowdfunding Projects that have had the most commercial success. New product innovation is all over Kickstarter. As far as products go, the best Kickstarters range from pet fish that grow basil to a toolbox that fits on your keychain.  And these products are all made possible for the public by the public, thanks to internet crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a little like crow-surfing in that you rely on volunteered support from a lot people to keep you afloat. With the help of the internet, crowdfunding has become much easier and a lot less daunting. Kickstarter is the leading crowdfunding company in the United States and has funded over 440,000 projects, big and small, since their launch in 2009.

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Artists, writers, designers, entrepreneurs and inventors all pitch their ideas and creativity on Kickstarter. While projects range from film to putting a satellite in space, some of the best Kickstarters are making products that aim to interest and impress the everyday consumer.  What’s more is backers of new product innovation often receive the product itself as a reward.

That said, here are the top 10 product innovations from Kickstarter:

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10. 3Doodler: The World’s First 3D Printing Pen[1]


10 Kickstarter Crowdfunding Projects

As far as new product innovation crowdfunding projects go, this 3D printing pen takes the cake for the most fun. You can draw in the air or on surfaces, and all it requires is a power socket (no computer or software necessary). It’s much more affordable than a 3D printer, and much more compact! It’s perfect for building models, making crafts such as jewelry or whatever you can imagine, really.


Go for technologies that aid creativity. Instead of confining the process of creation in photoshop, this technology allows artists to actually shape their vision. It eliminated the product that stands between the vision and the output.


9. Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android[2]


When you take your phone out all the time, you run the risk of losing it, and the constant reaching for the device can be a drag. The Pebble watch aims to not only tell time, but to be an extension of your phone, allowing you to use apps and receive notifications on your wrist so you can check your wrist instead of taking out your phone. Its electronic paper display can be changed easily, and the watch can act as a remote control to change a song, for example.  This Bluetooth watch is also waterproof, so you can wear it running in the rain or even swimming in the pool. 


Fuse technologies. A tablet, combines the mobility of a mobile phone and functionality of a laptop. New models of digital camera combine the functions of a compact camera and video camera. This one combines the convenience of a watch and functions of a phone. Look for ways on how you can combine two technologies in one.

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8. Home Aquaponics Kit: Self-Cleaning Fish Tank That Grows Food[3]


The hardest part about having a fish is sustaining the environment. The Home Aquaponics Kit is designed to be self-sustaining and much more similar to a natural environment. The bonus is that cleaning the fish tank helps food grow on top. So instead of the arduous task of cleaning the tank yourself, you can grow herbs, greens or anything you’d like on top of your fish tank. The symbiotic system makes having a fish easier and much more beneficial—not to mention it’s also an at-home, educational example of one of Earth’s natural processes.


People love their pets. Dogs and cats never went out of style and it never will. People love taking care of pets. Some are able to keep high-maintenance pets like dogs but some prefer low-maintenance ones like fish. Regardless, innovationst that will allow them to make "pet caring" easier sells.


7. OUYA: A New Kind of Gaming Console[4]


OUYA is one of the most funded, best Kickstarters crowdfunding projects ever because of how it would change the world, and business, of gaming for the consumer. In a world where everything has gone handheld, OUYA plans to bring gaming back to the big screen like never before. OUYA is the first open video game console. OUYA allows a consumer to play video games and phone apps, to streaming movies on the big screen, and even to design their own game with a free toolkit. They also require every game to provide a way for consumers to try before they buy. OUYA is designed to be the ideal console for gamers, but also hopes to cut cost of development as well as purchase. And talk about new product innovation, it’s the first of its kind.


Aim to create brand- and product-agnostic technologies. OUYA went big because it catered to many people and many products. A wider market means wider opportunities.

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6. Brand New Window Farms – Vertical Food Gardens[5]


Forget your tiny apartment and the freezing winter temperatures; with Window Farms all you need is a window to grow fresh food year-round. Window Farm is a hydroponic system with nutrient-rich water (forget messy soil, too). It relies on the climate control of your own home and the natural light from your window to grow food in compact bottles that hang vertically. It requires just a small amount of electricity to pump the water to the top of the hanging garden, and it is an example of an innovative urban farming idea that has become a successful reality, making it one of the best Kickstarters with a sustainable cause.


More and more people are realizing the value of living a healthy lifestyle but many are too lazy to pursue it. If you can create technologies that will make that easier for them, do it. This one made farming convenient for people living in the city.


5. Ringtool – The World’s Most Compact Multi-tool[6]


Carrying a tool box on a keychain might sound heavy and a little ridiculous but not when it’s a 2 inches wide ring made out of light, but durable stainless steel. You know the guy who has a beer opener when no one else remembered to bring one? Well, with the Ringtool you can be that guy 9 times over, making Ringtool one of the most innovative products. The Ringtool is not only a beer opener, it’s also a Phillips driver, flathead driver, five different sizes of hexheads, Torxhead T25 driver, and two sizes of spoke wrenches. That’s nine tools in one which makes this one of the best crowdfunding projects. That’s nine times more likely that when there is a spontaneous need to open a beer or tighten a loose screw on a bike, all you have to worry about is whether you remembered your keys.


It's never too late to reinvent existing products. This one is actually just a swiss knife, only cheaper. Look for current products that are too expensive and look for ways on how you can make it affordable.


4. SolePower: Power by Walking[7]


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Imagine never having to stop for “coffee” and search every inch of wall for an open outlet. With SolePower, stopping is the last thing you need to do to charge your phone. In fact, all you do is have to walk. SolePower is an insole that generates power for portable electronics as you walk. It’s waterproof, weather-resistant and you only have to walk 2.5-5 miles to fully charge a dead iPhone. Considering it takes an average person 15 minutes to walk a mile, refueling electronics is something a person could do while they grocery shop or walk to work—not to mention battery power would be a great incentive to exercise. One of the many crowdfunding projects that deserves recognition.


Chargers, hairpins, handkerchief and pens are but some of the few high turnover products because people keep on losing them. This product addresses the constant need to charge with no outlet in sight. Now, go and look for ways on how to keep people from losing their pens, keys and others.


3. +Pool: Tile by Tile[8]


New Yorkers often half-joke that swimming in the Hudson River is only safe for dead bodies and disease, but Family and PlayLab has found a way to make river water safe for New Yorkers for the first time in 100 years. Not only will +Pool provide a pool in the river that’s safe to swim in, it also serves as a cleaning filter that will clean up to half a million gallons of river water every day. +Pool is in the shape of—you guessed it—a plus. This design provides a lap pool, sports pool, shallow pool area for kids and a lounge pool. And every backer gets their name permanently etched into a tile that will be used to build the actual pool.


Think big. Don't just envision products sitting on your desk or stuff that can be found inside your home. There are needs out there that need to be addressed.


2. Form 1: An affordable, professional 3D printer[9]


Owning your own 3D printer might sound about as probable as owning your own jetpack, but thanks to a Kickstarter crowdfunding projects innovation by Formlabs in Cambridge, MA, high-quality 3D printers are going to be as attainable as they are cool. And since the massive success as one of the best Kickstarters, more affordable and high-quality 3D printers and accessories (see: 10) have followed.


Scale down technologies. 3D printers are still considered an "office equipment" because it's just too expensive for an ordinary joe until Form 1. Look for ways on how you can make smaller and cheaper versions of different equipment.


1. Food Huggers[10]


10 Kickstarter Crowdfunding Projects

Goodbye plastic wrap struggles and moldy surprises! Food Hugger’s sleek silicone designs allow you just to put the partially used produce into the Food Hugger. The Food Hugger recreates the natural seal of food’s natural skin, allowing food to last much longer than it would in, say, a plastic bag. Sizes range to fit small limes to large grapefruits, and they are flexible so they can fit around most produce. (They even make two shaped for avocado halves.) Food Huggers is the product anyone who has only used half and onion, lime, etc. has been waiting for, making it one of the most innovative products that might reach the largest set of consumer demand on this list.


Cater to mothers. By now, you should be aware that mothers, generally, are the decision makers on what to purchase for the house.


The best Kickstarter projects have peaked interest and imagination in consumers and backers.  With backers onboard and web buzz around the project to serve as motivation, innovators are gathering momentum to change what’s possible.  Crowdfunding projects are a great way to make ideas for new product innovation a reality.