Here are some "LifeHacks" a.k.a (Things that help you get stuff done effeciently and keep you organized) I found on the internet that are simple and very cheap to use. I feel the need to share it to everyone out there to make life a little bit easier for yourself.


1. Paper Clips + Cables 

Cables all over your desk? This quick and easy assortment can help organize your cables needed for your computer, printer, etc. 

Paper Clips for Cables


2. Cooking Noodles

Cooking up some noodles for the kids and suddenly the phones ringing in the other room. You dont want the water to boil over so you place your wooden spoon over the pot to keep you safe. No idea how this is possible but trust me, it works.




3. Cable Organizer

In all honestly this is probably the best way to keep your cables for computers, gaming devices, etc in an organized fashion. You're not only being eco-friendly by reusing you're just being plain smart. Also you could write on the spool where the cable belongs, just incase you forget overtime.

Cable OrganizerCredit:


4. Beach Disguise

Going out to the beach with the family and you want to be safe from theivery. Use this hack to help protect important items from going missing! (Great Disguise)

Beach disguiseCredit:


5. Car Protection

Cut half of a pool noodle and glue it to the lower level of your garage where your door meets the wall. No more scratches ever again!

Car protectionCredit:


6. Blister Packs

A simpler and easier way to open up these annoying packagings, without having to go "Hulk" to open these bad boys.

Can OpenerCredit:


7. Stacking Clothes

Why make a constant mess looking for a shirt when you can just... 



8. Post-Its

Oh post-it notes and there simplicity.



9. Amplified

Singing in the shower is said to lower stress and improve your mood. So next time you want to have a jam session along your favorite music. Grab a bowl and place your musical device in it before you hop in the shower. (The bowl makes the music louder)



10. Vacuum with Socks

Looking for a small object/s lost on the ground? Place a thin sock over the head of the vacuum tube like so, and begin your search.

Small objectsCredit:


There are plentyful of "LifeHacks" out there on the web and here's just a taste. These are a few of my favorites and I think these ideas are great to share. Increasing your knowledge in organizination may help you in the long run; May it be at work or at home. I recommend you to keep on searching for these types of hacks or even to share some of your own!