Meditation Crystal

Mediation is a great way to relax and calm down. It gives you time to think things over. Start fresh with new ideas and just feel like your in a different zone. Some people claim they feel they are in their own world. However not everyone can get past the hurdles that meditation presents when first starting. This is what part 1 & part 2 of the article will help with. Beginners you have nothing to fear anymore. Read this article and get meditating. It really is a wonderful activity.

1) Make Time: Everyone is always so busy. You may be too but if you want to meditate you can't be moving. You need to sit down and plan some time for yourself. Set aside at least half n hour to an hour. This will help you begin meditation. Meditating takes time!

2) Be Comfortable: You don't want to be meditating and be irritated because its taking too much time. This is when you decide if meditation is something you really want to do. Remember that meditating takes time. It shouldn't feel like a chore. So if begins to feel like a chore try to make it shorter. Eventually you can progress to a longer meditating period while still enjoy it.

3) Stretch Or Yoga: A lot of people like to stretch or do yoga before they meditate. This puts the body's tension to rest. It also allows the energy from the body to begin flowing around. This will help you meditate not only on the external, but on the internal.

4) Pick A Location: The location is very important for your meditation. Everyone has their personal preference. Some people like to get up early in the morning and head to the woods. While others will make time at night and in a solitary room. You can also create your own personal environment. One that will suit you and your meditation needs.

5) Distractions: You don't want distractions hurting your meditation time. So if you have kids or a spouse ask them to leave you alone for that amount of time, plus more. Make sure that you will need about 15 minutes after that time allotted to adjust and get back into reality.

6) Create A Ritual: This is very easy to do. This can be lighting a candle or putting on some chakra music. It doesn't have to be anything too complex. This is just creating a ritual before actually meditating. You are preparing your mind and body to get into a zone. Rituals help meditation so I always suggest you figure one out. Music works the best. Not loud, rap, country, or rock music. The type of music you are looking for is something soothing and deep.

7) Be Focused: When meditation you want to focus on a subject, you. This can be anything and everything about you. You want answers and you have them, but you need your mind and body to relax to get them. Meditate on that one particular problem. Think of possible solutions. Never form an opinion about yourself. Just see the problem from a bird eye's view.

8) Partner: Find a suitable meditating partner. Meditating can be awesome with a partner. Especially some one that can come up and link with you. Not only physically, but mentally. A lot of spouses like to meditate together. This also works great for meditating with your child. You can also have a friend meditate with you.

In fact, if you don't have any friends or close relatives. You can always find a meditating group. They exist you just have to search for them. You can find them on craigslist and online most of the time. Just use your favorite search engine!

9) Practice: Keep at it for at least a week. You want to give yourself a routine and time. Once you have all of this together you'll be practicing daily. You will either continue to build on it or you will stop doing it all together. Meditating is not for everyone even though anyone can do it. So keep on practicing. It will normally get better, easier, and more relaxing.

10) Invest: The last tip I will give you is to invest in cushions and a few things. Start investing in candles, incense, and maybe a mp3 player. Whatever you do you will have to invest. It could be anywhere from 20$ to 50$. If you really wanna be cheap, get things at a thrift store. You can find great meditation gear there: mats, candles, stereos, and sometimes meditation music.

Everyone has to be a beginner but you don't have to stay at that level. Keep on practicing and continue grow. Don't worry, you'll come back to reality but with a fresh perspective and a lot more energy. You'll feel wonderful!