A Healthy Way to Start the Day

Easy energy boost

Plan to get up 10 minutes before your normal time. Start this energy boosting workout routine as soon after you wake as possible.  If you need to take a 10 to 15 second break between exercises.

Alternate Toe Touches - Do 20 alternate toe touches. Start with your feet about shoulder width apart and stomach in raise both arms by your side. Bend forward turn and touch your left foot with your right hand return to the upright position bend forward turn to the right and touch your right foot with your left hand. If you cannot reach your foot bend as far as you can comfortably reach on the outside of your leg. Repeat as many times as you can up 20.  

Side Bends – Standing with feet shoulder width apart, place your right  arm by your side. Reach you left arm over your head. Bend your torso to the right. Repeat with the opposite side. 

Exaggerated March - Next walk in place for a few moments bring your knee as close to your chest as possible and swing arms in an exaggerated motion stopping straight over your head. Raise your left arm as you raise your right leg – right arm left leg. 

Arm Circles - Assume the starting position for the alternate toe touches. Arms to your sides parallel to the floor rotate your arms start with small circles to the front make each circle slightly larger. Finish by rotating your arms in large circles.  Return to the starting position now rotate your arms in small circles to the back. Each circle is slightly larger than the last until the circles are as large as you can comfortably make them. 

Bounce -With your feet shoulder width apart raise your hands over your head lower your arms a few inches while you slightly bend your knees. In a bouncing motion straighten your legs and extend your arms as you rise on your toes. (Sort of like shooting a basketball.) Continue for 20 or more times. 

Push ups - Next do 10 - 20 basic push ups  (or knee push ups). Lie face down on the floor legs together. Put your hands palm down on the floor under your shoulders with your fingers spread and facing forward. With your heals pointed towards the ceiling push your body off the floor keep your chin up and your back straight. Support your body on your hands and balls of your feet lower you body until your chest touches the floor between your hands. Repeat as many times as possible. If regular push ups are too difficult support your body on your knees (knee push ups) not your toes.

Plank - Next, the Plank lie face down on the floor legs together. Holding your back straight head up support your weight on the balls of your feet and your forearms. This is more difficult than it sounds Maintain this position with your back straight not arched for as long as possible. 

Repeat the energy boosting workout if you like or resume your regular morning routine a little more invigorated. Add more basic calisthenics or substitute exercises of your choice to pick things up a bit. Add a healthy breakfast yogurt, wheat toast or a bagel with honey and give yourself a pat on the back.You can substitute other exercises for the ones suggested or add more exercises the point here is to loosen up your muscles and get your body invigorated.

With such a good start to the day you should start looking for other ways to slip more healthy activities into your day. Stretch gently several times a day. Reach your arms as high as possible and rise up on your toes. Stand erect and rotate your head gently forward, then to the right, backwards to the left and back upright. Repeat with a slightly increasing range of motion.

Take the stairs when you can try only one or two flights if you want to start slowly.  Use a bathroom on a different floor during the day. Park your car farther from your destination. These small steps will add up and over time you can increase your level of activity. Repeat for 21 days and you have a habit. These changes are easy and over time you can build on these small successes.  These small steps with the energy boosting workout will not offer dramatic changes but may help you start your day with a little more energy and if you don’t already know show you the benefits of getting moving. 

Extra benefit If you feel yourself starting to slump during the try some of these energy boosting workout exercises for a few minutes to get your heart pumping.