Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer - A Review of the Workout DVDs

Does the 10 Minute Trainer Work?

Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer workouts have filled a void in the exercise community.  Think about how many people vow to exercise more often and get in better shape each and every year.  However, there's always something that gets in the way.  People claim not to have enough time, don't want to pay for a gym membership or personal trainer, don't know what exercises to do, or how to get started.  Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer workouts solve all of these problems.  Who can't find 10 minutes a day to workout?  The title of the workouts alone draw a lot of people in, including myself.  But what can you really get done in only 10 minutes?  Will it even be effective?  I decided to buy the workout DVD's and give them a try.

10 Minute Workout
Advertising a workout that only lasts 10 minutes can intrigue a lot people, but also make them very skeptical.  Most people believe that a workout needs to last at least a half hour to be effective.  That’s what I believed after going to countless health related websites and reading articles written by doctors, trainers, and health professionals.  Well, that’s not necessarily true.  Sure, going for a 10 minute jog probably won’t produce the results that you want.  The key is to raise the intensity of the exercises you’re doing for those 10 minutes.  That’s where these workouts succeed.  

10 Minute Trainer Workouts
The workouts are broken out to target specific body parts and muscle groups.  There’s an upper body workout, lower body workout, total body workout, ab workout, and a cardio workout.  Each workout also includes a warm up and cool down period, which lasts around 2 minutes each.  I ordered the DVD's through the Beachbody website, so I got the fitness equipment and associated training tools that come with the product.  You get 3 different resistance bands (low, medium, and high resistance differentiated by color), a cardio belt, workout calendar, Tony Horton's 10 Minute Meals (recipe book), on-the-go workout cards, and the 10-day lean jean plan. 

The 10-day lean jean plan is an eating and exercise plan, along with a tape measure and a tracking journal.  The majority of these training tools I never use.  I looked over the recipe book, workout cards, and the lean jean plan when I first got them, but don't really use them on a consistent basis. 

The workout bands are featured in almost all of the workouts, I think abs is the only one where they aren't used.  The cardio band is something that was completely new to me.  It attaches to your door hinge, so there's a little loop that you put your resistance band through.  It essentially attaches the resistance band to the door, so you can do additional exercises.  It's also used in the cardio DVD, where one end of the cardio band is attached to the door, and the other is attached to your waist.  This allows you to run in place with greater resistance, which burns more calories.

Stacking the 10 Minute Trainer Workouts
People with higher levels of fitness may be hesistant to try Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer workouts because they don't think they'll be challenging enough for them.  If you're used to lifting weights for an hour, you may think that 10 minutes won't be enough.  That's where stacking comes in.  If you don't think one workout is enough, you can stack multiple workouts, which means you do one workout right after the other.  For example, you can stack the upper body, lower body, and total body workouts, so when you finish the upper body workout, you immediately start the lower body workout.  Once you complete that, you finish up with the total body workout. 

If you're a beginner, one 10 minute workout may be enough for you.  Others may want to do more though, so stacking the workouts is a good option for them.  Personally, I would usually stack 3 workouts together, to make a 30 minute workout.  I came straight from doing the p90x workouts, so coming from that, I felt like I needed to do more than one 10 minute workout.  

10 Minute Trainer Resistance Bands
As I mentioned earlier, all of the workouts except for abs use the resistance bands.  There aren't any dumbells used.  I don't have a very good history with resistance bands.  I've bought two different sets from local department stores, and both times the handles snapped off the bands.  I probably got a good month or two of use out of them, before they broke. 

The good thing about the bands that come with the 10 Minute Trainer videos is that the handles are removeable.  One set of handles comes with the 3 bands, so if you want to switch bands, you just take the handles off of one band and attach them to another one.  Adding and removing the handles is pretty easy.  Once you've done it once you'll have it down.  

As a personal preference, I'd rather use dumbells instead of resistance bands for strength training.  I feel like I get a better workout that way.  That's just my opinion though, I've talked to others who love using the bands.  Plus, it's cheaper because you don't have to go out and buy a whole weight set.

I was skeptical when buying Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer DVDs (affiliate link).  I loved the idea of only having to work out 10 minutes a day, but figured that probably wouldn't be enough for me.  Previously, I did the p90x workouts, which usually lasted around 45 minutes to an hour. 

In the end, I was both right and wrong.  I was right in that doing a single 10 minute workout wasn't enough for me.  The concept of stacking multiple workouts did help with this, but I eventually went back to doing the p90x workouts instead.  However, these workouts are great to use when you're in a time crunch.  You really can get a lot done in 10 minutees.  The exercises come one right after the other, so you really maximize your time and can get a good workout when you're short on time.