There are countless species of snakes around the world. While most of them are known for their deadliness; there are many among them known for their beauty.

Blue Malaysian coral snake


blue-coralCredit: wikimedia commons

The blue Malaysian coral snake is a poisonous snake mostly found in Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. This is one the most beutiful snake in the world.

Emerald Tree Boa

Emerald_Tree_Boa_Wrapped_on_a_Branch_2480pxCredit: wikimedia commons

The Emerald tree boa is a non venomous boa snake found mostly in south America. As other boa snakes it doesn’t have venom to kill its prey, consequently, it kills prey by constricting around its body. Its diet mainly consists of small birds and mammals. Snakes use their poison to digest its prey, as a Boa snake doesn’t have any. Thus it has a very slow metabolism and feed after several months.

Green Vine Snake


Vine snakeCredit: wikimedia commons

Green Vine is a tree snake found mostly in Central America and northern South America It is about 2 meters long. Its diet mostly consists of lizards and mice.  It catches its prey by suspending from a tree with the help of its delicate tail.

Thamnophis_cyrtopsis_ocellatusCredit: wikimedia commons

Black neck garter snake


The Black neck garter is a snake usually found in hilly areas of southern states of United States and Mexico. As this snake is mostly found near water, its diet mostly consists of fishes, amphibians and earthworms. It may also feed on other snakes.

Burmese Python


burmese phythonCredit: wikimedia commons

The Burmese Python is one of the largest snakes in the world, mostly found in southern Asia. Some Burmese pythons are dark colored while some are caramel and albino, its albino form is admired throughout the world for its color.

Iridescent shieldtail 


Iridescent ShieldtailCredit: wikimedia commons

The Iridescent shieldtail is non-poisonous snake having iridescent scales on its skin, mostly found in India. Its color changes when seen from different angles.

Paradise Flying Snake


paradise flying snakeCredit: wikimedia commons

The Paradise Flying Snake is a tree snake found in Asia. This beutiful snake can glide in the air from one tree to other or from a tree to the ground, they are mildly poisonous.

King snakeCredit: wikimedia commons

Scarlet kingsnake


The Scarlet kingsnake is a non venomous snake found in southeastern and eastern parts of the United States. Some species of king snakes feed on other snakes; this is how they get a “king” in their name.

Rainbow boa 


Epicrates CenchriaCredit: wikimedia commons

The Rainbow boa is a boa snake found in South America. This snake also has iridescence effect in its skin, and is admired for that.

Red-tailed Green Ratsnake
Red tail Elaphe_oxycephala1Credit: wikimedia commons


The Red-tailed Green Ratsnake is a tree snake found in Asia. It has a red or brownish tail, while rest of the body is green. This snake has an air bag in its neck. Which is inflated by it when threatened, to appear bigger in size.