Have you ever sat around and wondered what the ten most dangerous jobs were? If you have, well you are not alone. People thrive on knowing things that have life threatening consequences, or violent police car chases, or even those shows on TV that highlight Alaska and those who work there during the season.

 So are you ready to see the risky, life threatening, most dangerous jobs out there in the market today? I can bet you are going to be very surprised at what you are about to learn here. Let’s begin.

  Fisherman- #1 Most Dangerous Job

Do you like seafood? Well if you do, you should be thanking those fishermen who are out there risking their lives to bring it to shore. You guessed it, a fisherman is one of the most dangerous, life threatening jobs that one can have. The fatality rate for being a fisherman is 129 workers to 100,000.

 Logger- #2 Job that is Dangerous

You have seen the logs on the back of the trailers rolling down the highway, going to wherever they are going to turn into paper, pencils, or flooring.  Those loggers who bring it are risking their lives to get it to you. Yep, the number two most dangerous job is a logger. The fatality rate for being a logger is 116 workers to 100,000.

 Airplane Pilot - #3 Most Risky Job

Do you want to get from one state to another or from one country to another? Then more than likely you will need an airplane to do that. To fly that airplane, you will need an airplane pilot won’t you? That is right; number three on the list of most dangerous jobs is the airplane pilot. The fatality rate for being an airplane pilot is 72 workers to 100,000.

 Construction Worker- #4 Life Threatening Job

 How about those buildings or houses you work and live in. Have you ever thought about the life threatening risks those workers take to make you comfortable? Well if you haven’t then you should start. The fourth most dangerous jobs are the structural construction worker, with a fatality rate of 46 workers to 100,000.

 Garbage Man- #5 Most Dangerous Job

It’s a dirty job, but yes someone has to do it. The sanitation worker who picks up your garbage once a week. The one who has to pick up that dirty trash can, and dump a whole weeks worth of garbage into a large, smelly, garbage truck. Not only is this a dirty job, but it is a life threatening job, coming in at the fifth position of the most dangerous jobs, with a fatality rate of 37 workers to 100,000.

  Oil Driller- #6 Dangerous Work

You like driving around in your cars to the stores, parks, to work, to your friend’s house, or wherever it is you have to go. Well in order to do that, you need oil and gas driller to provide you with the necessities to make your car get up and go. Although a high paying job, it is also a life threatening one. Oil and gas driller come in, in the sixth position for most dangerous jobs, with a fatality rate of 24 workers to 100,000.

 Truck and Taxi Drivers- #7 & #8 Most Dangerous Jobs

Coming in at number seven and eight of the most dangerous jobs, tractor trailer drivers and taxi cab drivers take this spot. Both fatality rates are 21 workers to 100,000. So the next time you go to the grocery store or to any store, remember that those truck drivers risk their lives everyday bringing you your everyday necessities. Same goes for the cab driver who takes you to those places. Give you a whole new meaning to taking a cab to the store, doesn’t it.

 Coal Miners- #9 Job With Great Danger

The ninth most dangerous job goes to the humble coal miners. These brave men take on some of the most life threatening situations going deep inside the ground to bring coal back up to the surface. They risk their lives on a daily basis, and take the chance of getting trapped underground and not being able to come up again. The fatality rate for coal miners is 21 workers to 100,000.

 Crane Operator- #10 Most Dangerous Job

Last but not least, coming in tenth place for the most dangerous job, we have the ever so brave crane operators. These men and women sit on a large piece of equipment 1000 times their size and move things that weigh 1000 or more times the cranes weight. At any time, with just one small move, they can put themselves into a life threatening situation. The fatality rate for crane workers is 16 workers to 100,000.

 There you have it, the ten most dangerous jobs. I bet the list you saw was not one you expected to see at all. Now you know, when going into a store, when driving your car, when writing with that pencil, when enjoying that piece of fish, or when relaxing inside of your home. Take a minute to remember all those men and women who put themselves in risky, life threatening situations just for your comfort.

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