If your starting to seriously get into the popular sport of paintball, you are likely already an equipment owner. You have your mask, marker, tank, loader, and softgoods. Good to go, right? You would be surprised to know that you are already missing ten crucial items which should be kept in your gearbag at all times.

#10 Swabs and Squeegees

Every time I go to the field, I am surprised to see at least one person does not own a barrel swab or pull through squeegee. The purpose of these items is to clean out your barrel in case of a barrel break or chop. Paint residue builds up inside your barrel, causing shots to swerve and sometimes even break before leaving the paintball marker. Barrel squeegees and swabs cost as little as $2.50 in America, and they are vital to keep your barrel clean, and your shots accurate.

#9 O-ring Rebuild Kits

You never know when your marker could start leaking. By having o-riong rebuild kits in your gearbag, players can avoid having to walk all the way back to the shop and pay for tech charges. Like barrel swabs, these are very cheap and can be bought in bulk.

#8 Allen Keys or Multi-tool

You never know when you might have to take apart your marker. Even if it is to just to replace the battery or adjust the FPS at the chronograph, having spare allen keys or a multi-tool is always handy.

#7 Phone Numbers

Once again, you never know when your gun might spring a leak or malfunction. Keep a list of customer service numbers in a side pocket of your gearbag, just in case. It is easier to call tech support and have an experianced airsmith walk you through fixing your marker than attempting to repair it all by yourself.

#6 Marker manual

This is especially important if your board uses an LED light. Remembering the colours can be difficult, and you definitley do not want to change your dwell instead of your fire mode by accident. Having your manual handy will make sure you never make any unwanted changes to your marker.

#5 Microfiber Cloths

When you get shot in the mask, using water and a regular cloth will smudge and streak the lens, making it difficult to see. Microfiber cloths require no water, and absorb most of the paint leaving your lens clear and good as new. They also work great for removing hits from pods, tanks, loaders, etc.

#4 Extra lens

If you find a crack in your lens while at the field, it is too dangerous to keep playing with that lens. That's why it is good to keep a spare. Leave the game, return to the safe zone and do not play again until your new lens is installed properly.

#3 Water

Dehydration is very common in paintball. Even if you are playing a relxed game of recball, being out in the sun with multiple layers can wear you out. Bring plenty of water bottles to keep hydrated, and keep going.

#2 Extra Money

This is a big one, especially when your playing tournaments or big events. If you run out of paint and you have no extra money, you're out of luck. Always keep a little bit set aside in case you want to purchase more paint, or come across an unexpected tech charge or entry fee.

#1 Chronograph

Everything else on this list was below twenty dollars, except for this one. However, it is very important to have. Handheld chronographs allow you to check a markers FPS wherever and whenever. If you think that your marker (or someone elses) is shooting hot, you can pull it out of your gearbag and check within a matter of seconds. 

This is also handy for tuning or teching your marker at home. You need to make sure it is shooting consistantly under 300 FPS before heading to the field.


Just having a marker, loader, tank, and mask isn't enough. In order to keep yourself safe and happy, it is wise to have all ten of these items stashed away in your paintball gearbag.