After writing here on Info Barrel for over two years, I have seen a lot of the same questions asked over and over and over in the forums. Here is an article to help answer those questions in one place so you can get started more quickly.

1. When will I start making money?

There is no definitive answer as to when you will start making money. You will start with a few pennies, and with good SEO, age and more articles, the pennies will turn into nickels, quarters and then dollars. This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you think after writing ten articles you will make hundreds of dollars a month, you are mistaken. Look at the people who have been here a few years and make money. They have libraries of hundreds of articles.

The first one hundred dollar Google payout seems to be reached by many around the 150 article mark. It could be more for some and less for others, but that is an average that has been discussed in the forums several times already.

2. How do I get approved for Google’s Adsense?

If you are having trouble getting approved for Adsense, make a free Blogger blog and put up at least ten quality posts. You will not get approved with flimsy posts. You may actually start enjoying creating your blog and want to continue writing posts for it.

3. How come I only have a few views on my articles?

Again, it takes time for an article to age and have Google find it. You also have to write with some SEO in order to rank higher on Google.

In addition, you have to do keyword research in order to find niches that have little competition. If you write about weight loss, forget about ranking, as there is a lot of competition. Find a niche that has fewer than 10,000 views a month and own it.

How do you find a niche? Think about what you love to do and write about it. I personally find it so much easier to write about what I know that to spend hours writing about something I do not.

4. How come my article was denied?

There are many reasons why articles are denied. You should not take it personally. The admins running Info Barrel want a high quality site. Think about the sites that have turned you off because of the shoddy information or poor writing. Kevin and Ryan are doing their best to insure that that Info Barrel is a site that is the cream of the crop. If you have ever hopped some Hubs over at Hubpages, you can see the problem with just letting anyone publish an article.

The first major reason your article was denied is because your English/spelling/grammar is poor. You need to write in proper English in order to get published. If it sounds unnatural, not like a native English speaker, you will be denied.

Another reason why an aritcle is denied is because you have a “call to action”, ie, you wrote “click here” or “read here” or something similar. That is a big no-no. Your links need to be contextual.

A third reason for an article’s denial is that you have more than two self-serving links. It is fine to link to other Info Barrel articles, in fact, internal linking is encouraged because it benefits everyone on the site. You can link to your own or to others on the site.

You may not include anymore than two non-IB links to other sites, and that includes links from media images to another site.

The bottom line is that the preapproval criteria is imperative to maintain Info Barrel‘ s quality.

5. What is a self-serving link?

A self-serving link is one that benefits YOU. For example, it is your Amazon affiliate link or a link to your own website.

You may have two self-serving links in your signature box and two in your article, for a total of four.

6. How do I add media to my article and link it?

Instead of trying to explain it to you, here is a link to Chezfat’s article on this topic. He did a great job sharing his technique that will put more money in your pocket. Every day, two to five of my top ten earners each day is on a media image. Thanks, Chez!

7. How do I create a signature and why is it important?

You should have a signature in every article. You are losing potential Amazon sales or visitors to your websites if you leave those out.

When you are writing an article, go to the Signature Box and click on “add new”. Write one in the box, add a link and “save”. Then add it to the article by using the drop down menu.

8. Why should I have an “About me” page?

An “About Me” page tells the readers who you are. It is also a place for more self-serving links to your other sites and services that you offer. Readers want to know more about who is writing the article. It helps to build a relationship with them.

It also lets other Info Barrel writers get to know who you are.

9. What is the monthly contest and why should I participate?

Info Barrel has the best revenue share of any site on the internet. The monthly contest is basically points to increase your revenue share from 75 per cent to up to 90 per cent. Here is an article by JadeDragon that explains it in full detail.

10. Should I keep writing while my other article is being pre-approved?

Yes, you should...get into the writing groove. Stick with what you know…do not worry about SEO and keywords. If you get into the habit of writing, you will learn to love it and want to do it all the time!

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