Everyone has an automotive enthusiast or car lover in their life that they need to buy a gift for this holiday season. Shopping for this person can be tricky if you yourself don't know that much about cars!

You may want to get your friend or family member a Christmas gift that will be useful and fun, but you are not sure where to start. This top ten list of the most Popular Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers and Automotive Enthusiasts is the perfect guide for you to find a car-related holiday gift this Christmas season. You are certain to find something that you know will suit your friend or relative perfectly. Enjoy!

1. Speed Camera Detector

You can help your friend avoid speeding tickets, keep their license, and save money! What better way to ensure that they enjoy the Christmas spirit all year long? There are tons of popular radar detectors and laser detectors on the market right now. You could also choose a GPS unit or a Sat-Nav detector. Hmmm....so many choices! Before you decide which speed camera detector or speed trap detector to wow your buddy or spouse with, do a little research to find the speed trap detector that suits their specific needs.

2. FM Transmitter for iPod

Does your friend love to rock out to tunes while driving down the road? If so, they'll get a kick out of a device that wirelessly sends music from their iPod to their car radio. This way, they can listen to their own music on their car stereo speakers. The best models of FM Transmitters for iPods will scan your friend's radio dial for the three best radio frequencies and then automatically save them to the preset buttons. This means the sound will always be crystal-clear. Look for a model with a high-contrast display so that it's easy to read.

3. Portable GPS Navigator

If your friend or relative does not already have a GPS Navigator, they will love you for getting them one. There are a ton of models and options to choose from. Look for one with lifetime map updates. Think about your friend's driving habits and what they like to do for fun. If they have thought of getting a good portable GPS navigator at all, you can casually hint about it during conversation and find out their preferences. Sneaky!

4. Portable GPS Navigator Accessories

Say your friend does already own a TomTom or other type of GPS Navigator - then you have the perfect opportunity to get them some cool accessories to make their life a little easier. Here are some ideas: Carrying Case, Dashboard Mount, Portable Friction Mount, home charger....just search around and you will find a great Portable GPS Navigator accessory that makes a thoughtful holiday gift.

5. Programmable Digital Tire Gauge

A Programmable Digital Tire Gauge makes a really cool, original Christmas gift. You can bet nobody else will duplicate your idea! Your friend will truly appreciate this holiday present. Look for a high-quality programmable digital tire gauge with multiple features. An extra large, backlit LCD screen should be a must. Ergonomic styling makes the user experience more pleasant. You want a model that will record the factory-recommended tire pressure for both front and rear tires and has an audible pressure signal. And as always, make sure your Christmas gift comes with a decent manufacturer warranty to avoid problems down the road.

6. Graphite Coated Wiper Blade

This is kind of a quirky gift, but the true car enthusiast will love you for it! Basically, the graphite coated rubber wiper blade prevents the build-up of ice and snow by eliminating exposed metal components. This provides improved visibility in rain, sleet or snow. Not only will you be making your friend's driving experience less stressful, you'll be increasing their safety on the road.

7. Garage Stool

The automotive enthusiast on your Christmas shopping list probably spends a lot of time in their garage, right? In that case, they will be grateful for a comfortable, sturdy stool to sit on. Look for a garage stool that is not only good looking, but also highly functional. You don't want the stool top to fall apart after only a few weeks of use, so make sure it has a thick covering such as vinyl. It should be well-constructed, with excellent balance and sit flat on the floor. The most important thing is that the garage stool have a comfortable, ergonomically correct seat.

8. All-in-One Wrench

You can find various good wrenches on the market today, but the Black & Decker MSW100 ReadyWrench is especially popular this holiday season. It's an all-in-one wrench with 16 of the most common standard and metric socket sizes. This wrench is very easy to use; all you have to do is spin one of the tool's two rotating heads and locate the appropriate size. It's perfect for advanced automotive jobs, so the car lover who enjoys working on their automobile will really like this holiday gift from you.

9. Magnetic Wristband

What exactly is a Magnetic Wristband? Well, even if you don't know, it's an easy bet that your automobile enthusiast friend knows, and will appreciate this handy gift. A magnetic wristband lets you keep tools conveniently on your wrist while working. As you can imagine, it's perfect for holding fasteners, wrenches, nails, screws, and small tools. This means your friend can complete car repair jobs more quickly and efficiently. As a plus, the magnets are said to provide therapeutic relief to an aching wrist.

10. Ergonomic Ice Scraper

An ice scraper may sound like a boring Christmas present, but actually a good ice scraper can make a car lover's life a whole lot easier in these wet and cold winter days, when driving conditions are dangerous. There is a lot of difference in the quality of ice scrapers, so even if your gift recipient already has one, you can make their day with a high-quality ice scrapers. Look for a tool with durable construction, an ergonomic comfortable grip, removable brush, and preferably a lifetime warranty.

Those are ten gifts for the automotive enthusiasts in your life...and just because it's the holiday season, here's one more bonus idea!

Bonus Idea #11. Reindeer Car Kit

This is one of those silly gifts that will make your friend burst out laughing! The car lover with a healthy dose of holiday spirit will get a kick out of this fun decorating kit. It transforms their vehicle into a reindeer with a set of antlers that they attach to their door windows, and a red fuzzy nose that goes on the front grill. Okay, not a gift that everyone will love, but you must know at least one person who will love a Reindeer Car Kit!

Whichever of these eleven gifts sparks your interest, the automotive enthusiast or car lover in your life will have a great holiday season when they unwrap the package. Get something that suits your friend or relative's interest. Everyone loves receiving a gift that is connected with a favorite hobby or interest, so even if you would not care to receive a gift like the ones on this top ten list, keep in mind it is the gift recipient's reaction that truly matters!