Nowadays, social networking sites are so popular that almost every Internet user has their own personal profile on one of these sites. The following is a list of the most popular social networks according to the amount of users that they have.

1- MySpace: Myspace has more than 250 million users. This number is becoming greater day by day. Myspace allows its users to post comments, images, wallpapers and lots of applications, winks and widgets.

2- Facebook: No other social networking website has become as popular as fast as Facebook. Facebook brings a lot of useful options and links for commenting on photos, receiving instant messages and send funny stuff. Facebook has more than 170 million members.

Myspace logo3- Windows Live Spaces: If you have a Windows Live account, he or she will not have problems for signing up for Windows Live Spaces. It has more than 120 million users around the planet.

4- Friendster: With more than 90 million registered members, Friendster is very popular in Asian countries.

Facebook logo5- Hi5: Hi5 might be the most globally popular social network. Reason being people from nearly every country in the world can be found on Hi5. Hi5 has about of 80 million users.

Hi5 Logo6- Orkut: Orkut is Google's social networking site. It has more than 65 million users.

7- Tagged: More than 70 million people enjoy tagging people at Tagged.

8- Reunion: At Reunion it is possible to locate new and old friends, family and colleagues. Up to today there are registered more than 50 million people.

Orkut logo9- Bebo: Bebo has 40 million people who share what they like to do, read and listen.

10- Netlog: More than 35 million users in a very funny social site. Netlog is especially popular in Europe.

This list should contain the ten most popular social network web sites at the current date. If anybody finds more popular social networks than the given list, feel free to comment.