Committing yourself to a vehicle is a considerable investment on your part. Although exciting, shopping for a car could turn into a stressful event if you decide to forgo a new car for a used one. To buy a used car takes more work because there is a higher chance of buying a lemon, a defective used car. Trying to detect a fraud scheme isn't easy. No one is going to warn you that:

  • The dealership sold you a lemon car, truck, or RV.
  • The repair facility isn't going to explain your rights under the state Lemon Law.
  • The manufacturer will not say they are obligated to repurchase your lemon automobile.
  • The automobile dealership isn't going to tell you that they defrauded you.

Many American citizens call the government to register their lemon automobile each year. 10 cars that got the most written complaints, according to the 2009 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are:

  • Land Rover LR2
  • Mitsubishi Lancer
  • Pontiac Solstice
  • Dodge Avenger
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Scion xB
  • Pontiac G8
  • Buick Enclave
  • Jeep Commander

To avoid fraudulent vehicles in the used-car market, watch out for these hints when purchasing a used automobile. If you think you might be a victim of vehicle fraud, look for more California Lemon Law Details to help you determine if you should take legal action.

  • Make sure the car engine is in good condition. Take it to the mechanic.
  • Make sure there is no body filler hidden beneath a new paint job. To check for old damages, take a soft magnet and run it along the steel panels to see if it sticks or not.
  • A flooded-damaged car will leave water stains and dried mud on the carpet. Avoid these cares.
  • There should be a consistency between the wear on the gas/brake pedal with the mileage claimed on the odometer.
  • A wear on the outer edge of the front tires is most likely the car is out of alignment or has worn-out components.

Once the right purchase has been made, take steps to ensure the fuel system inside your car engine is clean. Eliminate previous engine deposits, maximize your car performance, and restore fuel economy–your new used-car should be clean on the inside as well as the outside.