From its first conceptualization, laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) has come a long way. With the way technology advances so rapidly, the use of laser in both the medical and cosmetic industry is becoming more of a common practice. Here are some of the newest and intriguing ways lasers are used…

Burn/Wound Healing – Although the FDA have yet to approve of burn/wound laser healing treatment, clinical research and experience shows good results that with the use of laser heals wounds and burns faster than healing naturally.

Laser Liposuction – Refining the traditional method of liposuction, laser melts away your body fat without being invasive. There is no need for cosmetic surgeons to use a syringe anymore for you to lose weight fast and quickly.

Bone Healing – Also under review by the FDA, laser bone healing is still under clinical trials. But the results are promising for the incorporation of laser therapy accelerating the setting and healing process of the bones.

Body Contouring – The newest laser technology, body contouring can sculpt your body safely, and most importantly, non-invasively while reducing 3.64 inches off the waist, hip and thigh area.

Neck & Shoulder Pain Healing – Having clinically researched since 1999, scientists have finally figured a way to cure the most common neuromuscular condition that very few devices, such as percussors in medicine, have proven successful in treating with low-level laser technology. FDA approved this method in 2002.

Hair Removal – Laser hair removal is not new, but it is still a marvelous treatment to be able to remove unwanted hair permanently that could be undesirable in a culture that does not like too much body hair.

Spine Treatment – Offering a gentle endoscopic alternative for back pain, laser spine treatment called "Spinal Fusion Alternative" help alleviate pain to the lower/upper back and neck

Skin Rejuvenation – Also called a "laser peel," laser skin rejuvenation reduces the effects of the sun, aging, and some facial disorders by removing several damaged outer layers of skin. This stimulates the production of collagen for new skin cells under the dermis, making you look younger and brighter.

Eye Surgery – It is still an intriguing and radical feat to be able to make the legally blind see again. With a simple laser procedure, people can get their 20/20 vision back.

Tattoos – You can now get a permanent tattoo with the use of a laser. There's no guarantee that you wouldn't feel any pain though.