Whether you’re about to set off on a long family holiday, or settling down for the night in a quiet campsite, ensuring that you’re safe and secure in your motorhome is vital to your enjoyment. Following simple safety procedures before you embark can be difference between a memorable holiday and the trip from hell.

Most accidents can be avoided with a little bit of planning and preparation, so with this in mind here are 10 safety tips for when you’re on the move in your motorhome.

1. Drive Safe

This applies to all vehicles, but it should be considered especially if you’re not used to driving larger vehicles. Be aware of the speed limits available to you in a motorhome, as they may differ to driving a car. For example, caravans without a trailer that are under 12 metres in length are able to drive at 70mph on the motorway, but those with a trailer, or that are over 12 metres, can only drive at 60mph.

2. Learn your braking distance

Consider the size and weight of the vehicle before you brake. Emergency stops should be avoided if possible due to the high levels of content inside the motorhome.

3. Look out for low bridges and any overhanging braches

It can’t be stressed enough that you should consider your motorhome’s size before undertaking any journey. If you come across a low hanging obstacle it could damage your vehicle or put a stop to your journey altogether. On this note it’s also worth taking any extreme weather conditions, such as high winds, into account.

4. Tyre pressure should be checked regularly

Only inflate to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer otherwise the added weight of the motorhome could cause problems.

5. Small children should still be fitted in child seats

Make sure they adhere to industry standards and can be used within motorhomes. You should also take care that they don’t move about when pulled or pushed.

6. Keep cupboards closed when not in use

Doors swinging during transit can cause unnecessary harm to your passengers. Ensure all the cupboard doors have catches that keep them closed when you’re not using them. Check this when you first hire the vehicle, and if not, try to upgrade to one that is a little more secure.

7. Never leave the gas on when travelling

Always be sure to check that it’s off after you’ve used it. Also make sure that there is at least one vent open allowing fresh air to travel through the motorhome.

8. Close all the windows and lock the doors

It should go without saying, but if you leave your motorhome unattended for any amount of time you’ve got to be sure your vehicle is securely locked up. Steering wheel locks and alarms also act as effective deterrents that provide greater peace of mind.

Keeping your motorhome safe

9. Know your fire safety

Ensure you have the proper fire equipment, such as a working extinguisher and a fire blanket aboard before you set off; also be sure to check and follow your campsite’s fire safety rules and regulations.

10. Check your insurance

Make sure you’re covered for any eventualities you may face. Be sure to know exactly what to do and who to call if you break down, and make sure you know just how much it will cost you if anything does happen to the vehicle.