In recent years there has been a growing movement of using food to treat health. Groundbreaking research such as the China Study and documentaries like Forks over Knives are examples of the interest in this possibility. With the idea of using food to treat the the body in a healthy way and some recent dental issues fresh in my mind I wanted to find out what food could be good for my teeth. It turns out that there are around 10 foods and food types that are agreed on by the scientific community as to being healthy for teeth.

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This amazing documentary and book is very eye opening as it delves in the theory and growing field of using food to treat illness and improve health. I personally own the book and I love to cook the recipes in it.


 Like the ones contained in beef, chicken, eggs and turkey are rich in phosphorus. When phosphorus combines with calcium and Vitamin D it helps produce and protect our teeth and bones. Getting enough protein will keep your teeth healthy.

Milk and Yogurt

These types of foods have low acidity which reduces the gradual wear on teeth called dental erosion. Also rather obviously these products contain much of our daily calcium intake which is a major part of our bones and our teeth.


With cheeses high amounts of calcium and phosphates they are able to replenish calcium in Emmentaler Switzerland PDO Cheese, image by myself (Dominik Hundhammer - User:Zerohund, 25. May 2004)our system and help balance the mouths pH which reduces dental erosion. Other beneficial aspects of cheese also includes that it kills the bacteria that are responsible for cavities.


Many different types of fruits contain large amounts of Vitamin C which is considers the glue that keeps cells together. Research has shown that people that don’t get enough Vitamin C will cause the collagen network in your gums to break down which makes them more susceptible to bacteria and infection.


Vegetables are a all around good thing for us and most of us me included don't get enough of them. But for the purposes of dental health you want veggies full of Vitamin A like carrots, pumpkins and broccoli. Not only do the nutrients do the teeth some good but the crunchy nature of these veggies help clean teeth and gums off.

This groundbreaking study conducted in China for over 20 years discovers a interesting correlation between food and health and how certain food can be used to treat common ailments.


Though this one wont make you any friends if it lingers on your breath the humble onion does quite a bit for our teeth. The onion is rich in anti bacterial sulfur compounds that will clean out that lovely tooth rotting bacteria right out of your mouth. Advocates of the onion say that if you can stand the stink to eat them raw for the best effects.


Eating raw celery produces a gum massaging action that anyone familiar with celery will know what I'm talking about. If raw celery is a little much for you a little peanut butter for dipping will go along way.

Sesame seeds

Are great in rolls and breads have been shown to dissolve plaque and build tooth enamel and also contain a good bit of calcium to help strengthen the jaw bone and teeth.

Green Tea

A common type of tea which contains polyphenols a antioxidant that help reduce the amount of plaque that can adhere to teeth. The lower amounts of plaque reduces chances of cavities and gum disease which helps us get a thumbs up from the dentist on our next visit.


Humble H2O is essential to teeth health in that is rinses away food particles so that saliva can do its jobs and nourish our teeth and repair and hydrate our gums.