Beach day is something people look forward to most of the time. This is not only fun, but also relaxing for the mind, soothing to your body and calming for your soul. Although it gets you intensely eager, there are a few things you need to put in mind and prepare before you hit the beach. StreamlineInfo has compiled the top 10 Must Haves for a Beach Day.








1. Water

Very important! You have to stay dehydrated or else you will feel sick by the time you get home. You will be out under the sun and you have to have water to keep your body hydrated and skin moisturized.

2. Sunscreen

Another very important material that you MUST have when you’re out in the sun. Without sunscreen, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause numbers of damages to your skin. The most popular one is skin cancer and aside from that, sun-burn will leave you feeling sore and tired throughout the day. It is imperative that you put sunscreen on at all times.

3. Sunglasses

Although many stores sell sunglasses specifically designed to fit in “what’s hit”, make sure that it provides you with adequate protection to avoid damage of the eyes. Some researchers said that sunglasses have not been proven yet whether it has an effect or not, but without them, the sun deprives you from seeing vividly.

4. Towel

Whether you’re going to be in the water or not, you still need to consider bringing a towel with you. Beach and towel need to be combined at all times. It’s like soap and shampoo, or toothbrush and toothpaste. If you’re planning on just laying out on the sand, bring a towel that is big enough to be  something you can lay on to. If you want to swim, bring a towel that is soft and comfortable enough to be wrapped around your body.

5. Portable Chair

If you are not comfortable with laying or sitting down on the sand, then a fold-up beach chair is the perfect solution. Pick one with not too much, but enough cushion to keep your body feel at ease. Some chairs actually have a holder on the arm rest that allows you to relax with your favorite drink on the side.

6. Snacks

To make your day at the beach extra astonishing, snacks that keep you full and satisfied might be the perfect solution. Pack up some fruits for a sweet treat while contributing more nutrition to your body such as strawberries, apples, any kind of berries, papayas and last but not the least, watermelon (this fruit will keep you hydrated the most because of its high water content), nuts are also convenient and healthy. If you feel too lazy to fix the fruits, just simply grab a packaged snack such as granola bars, pretzels, chips and cookies. Store enough food and maybe a little more just in case some friends come by so you can share it with them.

7. Cellphone

Whether you’re at the beach or some other places, you must have your cellphone with you at all times. It is one way to contact people when emergency comes your way.

8. Flip-flops

There is absolutely no way you are wearing shoes at the beach. It is too uncomfortable (your feet will get moist and stinky because of the heat) and sand gets in it. Flip flops seem to be the best choice.

9. Books or Magazines

You have to have something to keep yourself entertained while getting your tan on. Bring your favorite novel or your favorite magazine so you can read the latest scoop and trends to avoid being bored while laying out.

10. Camera

Many people bring their cameras at the beach. Why? because they love to take pictures of the most precious moments. This enables you to capture great memories while relaxing with the breeze from the ocean.


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