When you think of camping, a few things come to mind: bonfire, living with nature and S’mores. These things all together sound very pleasing but you can’t take pleasure with them without being wise and ready in case unusual circumstances take place. StreamlineInfo has compiled 10 Must Haves When Camping.


10. Jacket

This upper-body garment may not be necessary during summer but excluding that season in the story, a jacket is important wherever you go. Many people even have one in their cars! When you’re away from home, be wise enough to realize that although weather reports are accurate most of the time, there is still a chance that they might change, it’s better to be ready.

9. Match/Lighter

Some campers attempt to not use any technological tools to test if they can survive in the wilderness without anything that helps them simplify tasks or make things easier, that’s optional, but do not take the extreme way and not consider the “what ifs” when predicaments occur. Bring a lighter or a match as a back-up material whenever experiments are unsuccessful.

8. Flashlight

Being in the wilderness is pleasing to some people but it is also dangerous. For instance, something unfamiliar might be moving around your area; there’s no faster tool that will provide you light to check your surroundings than a flashlight. It’s a small and handy helper.

7. Rubber Shoes

If you are fond of roaming around your camp area, save an extra pair of rubber shoes. Strolling around a place without a single store or shop in sight is bad luck especially without wise preparation. Flip flops are comfortable and breezy for your feet, but if walking and running to different places is your main form of activity, a pair of rubber shoes is the better choice. Make sure that the ones you bring are comfortable and light enough for the feet. Also, pick the ones with a thicker bottom pads or heels, those types will protect your feet from being punctured if you step on something sharp.

6. Knife

Unless you want to make your own sharp tool to try to survive like what the cavemen did thousands of years ago, you might want to ensure that you have knives. Any knife with serrated and sharp edges works well when camping.

5. Tent

Everybody knows that tents are essential when you are camping out. Whether you are staying in a Recreational Vehicle or not, bring an extra tent. Some people like to spend time out of their RVs and sleep in a tent. The type of materials they use in making tents are not durable enough. With that said, bringing an extra one will always help out when a crisis happens.

4. Water

If water is too much of a hassle to carry around, pack up a lot of water purification tablet and carry them around with you so that whenever you need water, just gather some in a container and put a tablet in it so prevent bacteria from getting in your system. Keep yourself hydrated.

3. Snacks

You have to be practical when it comes to food. It is obvious that you have to bring food when camping, but you need to pay close attention to saving many ready-to-eat foods. Canned goods is a great category because they are tested and proven safe enough to be eaten without being cooked. To make things easier, granola bars, trail mix, chips, cookies and crackers are also convenient.

2. Bug Repellent

Camping without Bug Repellents is like going to the beach without sunscreen. You have to have this to protect yourself from insects that are ready to attack you. Protect yourself by spraying or putting cream on your skin to keep them off.

1. Cellphone

Whether you are camping, traveling, in school, in store or anywhere else, cellphone is one of the most important things that must have. This could be your lifeline and your only way of communication back at home.

Warning: Please remember to inform people back home about your plans of camping out, when and where so that tracking you down in case of emergency would not be a challenge.

Camping fills up the satisfaction of adventurous individuals. But being too daring and attempts of being too independent may lead to accidents. Indulge yourselves with the beauty of nature and be safe at the same time!

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