Awesome Costumes for Gamers

Halloween 2008 is just around the corner, and nothing brings the video game geeks out of the wood work quite like Halloween.

You really have to hand it to the true video game nerds; they might not do much besides play video games, but one thing is certain, some of them can make a damn nice Halloween costume. Check out the genius that went into these 10 or so Halloween costumes.

10. Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

This one really isn't that amazing because you can just pick up some standard police costume gear from any army surplus store. I really only included it because I absolutely love seeing women wear this costume. I'm sure you do too, so we'll just leave the eye candy here at #10.
Lara Croft Costume

9. Link - The Legend of Zelda

The Link costume is on this list more for pure nerdliness than costume ingenuity. Anybody with a pair of tights, a blonde wig, some boot from Value Village and some left over felt from a third grade craft party can make this costume in a matter of hours. Wearing it out in public takes a set of cohones only possessed by those who lack the ability to socially function in society on a daily basis.
Link Costume

8. Pichachu, Ash - Pokemon

Is Pokemon even popular anymore? Regardless creating that Pichachu costume had to have taken some serious sewing time; either that or they bought Pokemon costumes back in 1999 when Pokemon was a bigger commodity than a Britney Spears sex tape.
Pichachu-Ash Pokemon Costume

7. Mario, Luigi and Peach - Super Mario Brothers

I doubt there are any more recognizable characters in the video game world outside of Mario and as a result it seems like this would most likely be the least nerdy video game costume. If you want to survive the entire night without getting called a nerd but are still desperate to show your true love for video games, whip up a simple Mario or Luigi costume.
Mario Luigi Peach Costume

6. Pacman, Ms. Pacman - Pacman

Making yourself into a big eating machine is one thing (see Ms Pacman), but check out this dudes costume. He actually built himself into a Pac Man arcade machine. That takes some skill. If that arcade cabinet is still functional that guy wins the costume of the millenniu m.

Ms Pacman CostumePacman Arcade Costume

5. Orc - World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft probably takes the cake for the most lives ruined per capita. There are actually support groups for people who spend all their waking time playing this game. Could you imagine being so addicted to a video game that you opt to spend hours leveling up your character over possibly going on a date with a member of the opposite sex? Clearly this Orc has not been outside of his house in years aside from the time it took him to go pickup the supplies to build his costume. I wonder if he even speaks English any more.
Warcraft Ork Costume

4. Gordon - Half Life

While this guy's Gordon costume consists of a lot of cardboard covered in different colors of tape, i have to admit it was very well done. Even the guys physical attributes look like Gordon from Half Life. I may be a bit biased though as this game has robbed me of many hours of my life.
Gordon Half Life Costume

3. Master Chief - Halo (I originally put Half-Life, but I was half asleep)

There is no way any true nerd would have the abilities to build all the intricate pieces that went into this costume. I am convinced this guy's mom worked on the set of Star Ship Troopers back in 1997 and stole the chest pieces from the movie. I have no idea where he stole the helmet or the leg pieces though. You go girl!
Master Chief Costume

2. Samus Aran - Metroid

You may or may not have known this, depending how much time you wasted in your youth playing video games, but Samus from Metroid was indeed a girl. There is something strangely attractive about a hot girl wearing a video game costume. I can't put my finger on it, but I would definitely put my finger on this smoking hot Samus costume.
Samus Aran Costume

1. Little Sister, Big Daddy - BioShock

While Samus Aran was a VERY close second, the Big Daddy and Little Sister costume absolutely eclipses everything south of #2 in this list. That Big Daddy costume must have taken months to create. I'm imagining being inside that ball of metal can not only be heavy, but the humidity must be through the roof. This guy not only gets huge props for building that tank of a costume, he also gets points for sustaining what could be nothing less than an extremely uncomfortable evening. The girl can have a few points too, but honestly, this costume is number one thanks to the man in the tin can.
Little Sister Big Daddy Costume