You should consider a nude beach if you’re sick of tan lines because being naked on the beach will allow every inch of you to see the sun. There aren’t many people who don’t gather large amounts of pleasure from spending time in the sand at the beach or playing in frothy waves. There are even more people who would describe their ideal vacation as one where they would have a chance to rent a fantastic beach house and kick back with a great book for some time in the sun.

Some Of The Nicest Nude Beaches Are In America

1. San Diego is a wonderful place to visit, especially if you’re interested in spending some time soaking up the sun, naked on the beach. In this city, this is the place to be and the waves are the best to catch.  There is a state controlled, one-mile stretch of beach named Black’s Beach and is perfect for those who wish to go nude or suited. Though it isn’t specifically posted as a nude beach, officials will not harass those without a suit. Rent a beach house and make a regular vacation out of it. This is one of the best beaches to spend time at and also be able to check out dolphins in the natural setting.

2. You should consider checking out Rooster Rock or Collins Beach in Columbia River, Oregon.  It is located near Portland and a thriving hub of life and things to do and also the countries first recognized nude beach. There are many tourists who seek to rent beach houses near waterfront where they are allowed to spend time naked on the sand and this is one of the best spots to do so. This location here really provides a friendly, community atmosphere.

3. Gunnison Beach in Sandyhook, N.J. is another prime location that also offers a nude beach. For nature lover’s there really isn’t much that is better than being able to spend time naked on the beach at the Gateway National Recreation Area.  It is the beach with one of the best views of Manhattan and the New York Harbor. Because of its wonderful location it’s possible for people to not only enjoy time at the beach but also socializing at clubs, restaurants or theatres. This is one of the largest clothing optional beaches on the Atlantic and is legally recognized as such. Obtaining a beach house during prime season may prove difficult so be sure to plan well in advance.

4. Houlaver Beach in Miami, Florida has one of the best stories of any of the nude beaches you can find. Those that enjoy frolicking naked on the beach took over a spot that was overrun with drug dealers and made it fit for the public once again. The beach now has barbeque grills, lifeguards and refreshment stands all making it more than ideal for those who’d be interested in a beach house near clothing optional areas of fun. Considering the past it had this is a beach people should want to come out and support.

Check Out One Of The Islands And Check Your Suit At The Door

5. Little Beach in Maui, Hawaii is one of the cleanest and most pleasant of the nude beaches to sun bathe at. Makena State Park is home to two, Big Beach and Little Beach. The little one is where folks who prefer to be naked on the beach go to swim and sunbathe. This location provides economic stimulus for the island and many opportunities for tourists to stay in one of the bright and breezy beach houses.

6. Another nude beach is on Hawksbill Beach which resides on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean.  Tourists from all over come to spend a day naked on the beach with the beautiful Caribbean Sea as a back drop. The beach here is one of the cleanest and fairly secluded. Popular destinations such as this one should have a beach house booked early to insure you get one.

7. Play naked on the beach at Orient Bay of the French side of St. Martin. This nude beach is perfect for those that have considered Grand Case as an ideal destination. The beach may not be extremely different from others that are clothing optional, but the cuisine is truly gourmet. Those lucky enough to spend some time in a beach house here have the chance to try Indian, Dutch, and French foods at high scale restaurants all over the island.

A Nude Beach Down Under

8. Samurai Beach in Port Stephens, Australia is a fantastic location for vacationers who are in search of a place to go naked on the beach. The beach is in Tomaree National Park and is about 120 miles north of Sydney. Stay in a beach house while enjoying the first nude beach in Australia that is also capable of boasting that it hosts nude Olympics.

Go Naked On The Beach In Canada

9. Wreck Beach, in Vancouver, Canada is one of the most scenic of the nude beaches a person can travel to. It is the first and largest of the nude beaches in Canada. The beach lays claim to spectacular cliffs and fantastic rich forests. People from all across the globe rent beach houses near here so they can enjoy their stay as for a longer duration. The water is spectacular with the Straits of Georgia, The English Bay and The Fraser River all combining here for a fantastic view.

The French Are Known For Their Nude Beaches

10. There can be no discussion of a nude beach without looking to the French. If going naked on the beach could be copyrighted they would hold the rights. The beach of C’ap d’Agde on the Vermeille coast of southern France is a wonderful spot for a family or romantic getaway.  Here it’s possible to easily get ahold of a fabulous beach house that will not only allow you all the naturist time you can want, but also access to fantastic wines, dining, cheeses and cultures.