Historically college football brings us at least a few strange games each year. Every year you can rely on NCAA football to do some odd stuff.

Here are 10 odd college football games and what made them strange. You will find everthing from players with leather helmets to one of the worst calls ever by a team of referees.

10. Streaker Posing As Ref Brawl

This game had a fan come down from the audience who was dressed similar to a ref and ran out onto the playing field and called a stop to the play. He ran to the 50 yard line, ripped of his clothes and started running. A fight broke out between the 2 teams who were playing. This was definitely one of the oddest scenes in a college football game. It was also very funny to watch. This is definitely one of those WTF moments in college football history.

9. Wheel Chair Tackle

It is not very often that you see someone in a wheelchair get bowled over on the sideline by a college football player. Yes the guy in the wheelchair was OK. He was a bit embarassed by the National Media showing highlights of it, but he did not get hurt. He just had a few bruises and an awesome story to share with his grandchildren.

8. Fake Statue of Liberty

Everybody is familiar with the Statue of Liberty play from the time that Boise State beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. Many teams have attempted the Statue of Liberty play over the years and many football pundits consider the Statue of Liberty play as one of the best “trick plays”. What could be trickier then that though is when a team fakes the Statue of Liberty. They saw the Statue of Liberty play coming, however they were fooled because they did not actually run this trick play.

7. Stanford Band –The Play

This could also be classified as one of the oddest endings to a football game ever. Stanford was up by 1 point. There was 4 seconds left on the clock and Stanford kicked the ball off. A series of indescribable chaos ensued. Multiple lateral passes were made as the University of California Golden Eagles as they scrambled for a miracle play. Behold the Gods of football were watching down on them that day. After multiple lateral passes in a last ditch attempt to score and win the game it appeared as if the current ball holder was about to get tackled for 3 different players. He blindly threw the ball behind him over his shoulder and another Golden Eagle caught it and headed for the end zone. The Stanford Band though the game was done and were out on the field. The player ran through the band and scores the winning touchdown.

6. No Modern Helmets

Leather Football HelmetCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/publicresourceorg/493957756/

There were many people who suffered serious concussions and even death from not playing with a helmet on. The first helmets were simply made of thick leather, but still did not provide adequate protection. Any of the old college football games where they wore leather helmets is an odd football game.

5. Penn State’s First Game without JoePa

Joe PaternoCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donhomer/2131200470/in/photostream/

Joe Paterno coached at Penn State from 1966 until 2011. He was fired after the Penn State sexual Abuse scandal arose. Regardless of what your opinion may be about Penn State and the way they handled the allege abuse accusations, the first game after JoePa was fired was very strange. In fact for the next few years all of the games will seem very odd with JoePa alive and coaching the Nittany Lions.

4. Rudy

The inspirational movie Rudy is very cool to watch, however the movie actually changed a lot of stuff around, however the basic premise of the movie is factual. There was no reason to do this because the most interesting aspect of Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger is that he finally got a chance to play for Notre Dame. This mega-huge underdog finally got the chance to play for Notre Dame. He made one official play. During his one play, besides the kickoff, he sacked the quarterback. On his final game as a senior, the final game ever for him, he was able to finally ne allowed on the field by the coach to play for the very last play, and he was able to sack the QB! This was an odd way to finish a career, but if you have seen the Movie Rudy then you understand how inspirational this can be.

3. 1902 Rose Bowl

1902 RosebowlCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:1st-Rose-Bowl-game-1902.jpg

This was the first ever Rose Bowl, though at the time it was called the "Tournament East-West football game". Michigan was kicking the snot out of Stanford. The Score was 49-0 when Stanford asked to quit the game early. Another interesting thing is that the head coach for Michigan, Fielding H. Yost, had been the coach of Stanford the year before.

2. Any NCAA National Championship Game

College Football HalftimeCredit: http://www.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-385659366

Without a true playoff system, any of the so called “NCAA National Championship” games are worthless. How can you let a National Champion be declared from computers and voters who are also in charge of coaching the same teams they are voting on? Any National Championship game of NCAA college football is odd. We need a Playoff system.

1. The 5th Down Play

In 1990 Colorado played Missouri and beat them on the last play of the game. The game was odd because Colorado had spiked the ball to stop the clock, yet the referees did not count that as a play, even though they should have. Colorado scored on their 5th down of the play. If they would have used instant relay this would have never occurred.

How every single referee and linesman missed this is beyond belief. Some conspiracy theorists belive that the referees had to let Colorado win so they could get paid off by the sports bookies, however after looking at the game it appears that they were just totally incompetent on this play.

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