The ongoing debate about the climate and our environment is oftentimes full of very odd arguments. This article is not an attempt of making fun of the environmentalists, nor to mock those who do not see any danger in pollution or the high usage of energy. But environmental ideas are much more than windmills and slow electric cars, and this article will present some very odd environmental ideas.

Each of us can do numerous things to help protect and save our environment. Many ideas to help the environment are very common and mainstream, such as recycling. Here are 10 odd environmental ideas that will help to open your mind to new ideas to help save the environment.

10. Biodegradable Coffins

Biodegradable coffins are becoming more popular. The biodegradable coffins and urns are designed to be biodegradable and for the coffin to become part of the earth over time. If you avoid having the deceased body filled with embalming fluid then both the body and casket can be biodegradable and become part of the earth again.

Biodegradable coffins are made from a wide variety of green materials; however most of them look like they are large wicker baskets.

9. Use Tornadoes for Electricity


Tornadoes could potentially generate a lot of energy that our society could use. Instead of looking at tornadoes as always being evil, some researchers have begun to develop artificial tornadoes that could be use to produce energy to fulfill electrical needs. Canadian Louis Michaud has proposed an idea for artificially created tornadoes which could be used safely and create a lot of wind energy we could use for all of our daily energy needs.

8. Golf Course Bacteria

Golf Course BacteriaCredit:

Golf Courses are often wrought with mold problems, especially in colder climates. What happens is that the winter snow melts and the mold begins to grow. Treating the mold with pesticide is dangerous to not only the environment, but also the golfers who walk and breathe on the golf course. New technology allows certain bacteria to be released on the mold infested golf courses and it literally eats it up without the need for dangerous and harmful chemicals.


7. Electric Snowmobile


Snowmobiles are a fun way to experience the back woods and seen areas not accessible by many people. The problem is that while you are enjoying the backwoods you are also wasting fossil fuels that contaminate the environment. Electric snowmobiles have not caught on in popularity, yet the technology is here. Another huge benefit of electric snowmobiles is they run much quieter giving you more opportunities to view wildlife in their natural habitat instead of chasing them off from a loud gas engine.

6. Electroengine


Electroengine develops engines and technology that are very environmentally friendly. The Electroengine can be used in any car, even if it is a traditional fuel based car. Their technology can be used in almost any car to make it into an efficient electric car. Imagine taking an old classic car like a 69 Mustang and turning it into an electric car that does not need fuel. That would be pretty cool. Electroengines can go up to 200 miles on a single charge and are very quick performers.

5. MagTurbine

The Mag-Wind turbine is designed and produced by Enviro Energies. This is a vertical axis wind turbine that can capture wind from any direction. The Mag-Wind turbine is designed to not need a tower. This unique turbine can be mounted on the roof of your home.

4. Magenn Blimp Turbine

The Magenn Power Air Rotor System can be tethered as high as you need it to be. This is basically a tethered blimp wind turbine. If you live off the grid and need a unique way of producing the wind power for all of your energy needs then you may want to consider this odd, but very practical wind turbine that “floats in the air” as it captures the wind.

3. Cloud Whitening


Cloud Whitening consists of using seawater and spraying the clouds. This makes the clouds whiter. The whiter the clouds the more of the sun’s rays that are blocked and reflected back away from our Planet.

This technology would be mounted on numerous boats out in the Ocean that would send the ocean salts and spray into the clouds.  One of the biggest proponents of the Cloud Whitening idea is Bill Gates of Microsoft. He feels strongly that this technology could work and is working to fund grants to test it out.

2. Hydroponics in the House


Traditionally most home hydroponic grow kits are designed for people who want to grow marijuana at home. You can take these same grow kits and grow your own food. Fruits and vegetables grown at home in your closes save on fossil fuels. Growing food on farms and then transporting them to the distribution centers and then to the grocery stores wastes a lot of fuel each year. You can cut down on this by growing your favorite fruits and vegetables at home inside your closet. You can even have fresh fruit and vegetables to harvest in the middle of winter time.

You can also offset some of the increased electrical consumption by using solar panels and or wind turbines. Growing in your closet is good for the environment and will ensure that you have fresh fruit and vegetables grown without pesticide.

1.  Pee in the Shower


Toilets waste a lot of water. Every time you flush the toilet you are wasting water. One often overlooked thing you can do to help preserve water is to pee in the shower. When you are taking your morning shower you can pee in the tub while you are showering instead of peeing in the toilet. Doing this daily can drastically help to decrease the amount of water an individual uses over the course of a year.

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