Fish Hat

Fish Hat

A Woman Wearing a fish hat strikes me as odd. I have seen hats with fish on them but not a hat in the shape of a fish. Was this portrait considered comedy? Was it suppose to ridicule the woman in someway? Was this a serious portrait by a mentally disturbed photographer?

Unclothed Woman

Unclothed Woman

Is she really nude? Is that what the quastion mark stands for? The question mark reminds me of JCMAYER. She is smiling a bit in the photo which suggests she is having a fun time.

Woman In Charge Of Household

Head Of House

This is a very funny photo from 1901. The man does not look happy with his new role.

Homeless Woman With Dogs

Homeless Woman

This image of a homeless woman with two dogs is something I see a lot of here in Idaho. People that can not afford to rent an apartment or buy food on a regular basis yet they have a dog or two. I like dogs a lot but if it came down having enough money to feed myself or feed two dogs then the answer is eassy. Bye Bye doggies and hello Burger King!

I understand if you have had a pet for many years and then become homeless but many homeless people adopt pets while they are homeless.

This image of the homeless lady was took on Haight Street in San Francisco.

Man Eating Woman

Man Eating Woman

This photo was took in Berlin Germany. Obviously this lady is panning for the cameras. Imagine if you came home from work and your wife greeted you at the door like this.

Drunk Woman Vomits

Party Drinks

This is why I love the Internet. One night you can go party, drink too much and get your picture took vomiting. The next morning you wake up and the picture from the night before of you vomiting is now licensed under the creative commons license and posted on Wikipedia. An instant web star simply for vomiting at a party.

Jump Girl

Jumping Girl

It looks like she may be fighting an invisible Ninja. Normally people will not be jumping around like this when they are holding an expensive video camera in one hand like this lady is doing.

Casper the White Girl

White Skin Woman

All of the people have nice dark and tanned skin except for the one lady who has Casper style white skin. It looks like this is the first time she has been in the sun for a few years. Her white skin really stands out with all of the dark bronze skin tones.

Little Big Girl Wood Doll Puppet

Huge Puppet

I wonder how many man hours it took to build this huge wood puppet of a girl.

The Cat and The Pickle

Pickle Cat Girl

Whats better in life than a woman dressed as a cat posing with a pickle between her teeth?

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