If you decide to spend your vacation in the one of the most popular  states in the West Coast of United States, you should definitely know about 10 places to visit in California so that you can make the most out of your stay. Here are some of the best attractions and tourist spots that you can enjoy in California. Some of these places may have a fee to enter but you could easily save money on the entrance fee buy buying the tickets online. So make sure you take advantage of discounted tickets that are available online if you book in advance.

Yosemite National Park

If you want to see the most breathtaking views in California, you should definitely visit the Yosemite National Park. All nature lovers can definitely enjoy this park and even those who are not into nature can truly appreciate its beauty more. In Yosemite National Park, you can see different impressive nature scenes like rock formations, waterfalls, meadows, valleys and forest areas.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

If you want to enjoy some of the best views that you can find in California, you should definitely visit the Lassen Volcanic National Park.  This park can be found in the Northeastern region of California.  More than just sight-seeing, you can also enjoy different activities here. You can try exploring the park by going through different hiking trails and you can even enjoy the area longer by staying in various campsites in the park.

Universal Studios Hollywood

If you are a big fan of Hollywood stars and movies, you should never miss your chance to visit the Universal Studios, which is actually based in California. In this park, you can truly enjoy different attractions like the CityWalk, the theme park inspired by different Hollywood movies, cinemas, restaurants and a whole lot more.  You can definitely make the most out of your Universal Studios visit with all the activities that you can try and with all the scenes that you can see.

Lake Tahoe

Once you are in California, you should also never miss visiting Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is known as a fresh water lake on the border of California and Nevada. This is considered to be one of the best tourist attractions in California where the visitors can truly enjoy skiing and other outdoor activities. The view here is also very magnificent where tourists can truly enjoy simple sight-seeing and picture taking for souvenir purposes.

Six Flags Mountain Park

If you want to have a taste of a great adventure, you should definitely try one of the best theme parks, not only in California, but also all over the world, which is the Six Flags Mountain Park. This theme park is where you can find some of the most exciting rides that would be perfect for those who are looking for an extreme adrenaline rush. There are a lot of magnificent rides and other attractions to choose from, which is the reason why you shouldn’t miss the chance to explore this theme park.

Disneyland Resort

You should truly not leave California without being able to visit the ever famous, Disneyland resort. Disneyland is one of the most famous theme parks all over the world and you should definitely explore the place to see what is in store for you there. You can have a total dining, shopping and entertainment experience as you visit the Disneyland resort.

San Diego Zoo

If you are an animal lover and you want to see a huge number of animals in one place, you should definitely visit one of the largest zoos in the world, which is the San Diego zoo. This zoo can be found in Balboa park and houses about 700 different species of animals with an estimated number of 3,500 to 4,000 creatures.

Newport Beach Orange County

You should definitely visit the Newport Beach Orange County in California so you can see the cleanest and the wealthiest beach community in the place. You should truly try the different fun attractions that can be seen in this beach community.

The Huntington Library and Gardens

If you enjoy reading a lot, you should truly visit The Huntington Library and Gardens which houses some extensive book and document collections. In this library, you can find about five million different manuscripts and books which greatly focus on the art and cultures of the world, most especially of Britain and United States. If you would love to learn about history, arts and culture, The Huntington Library and Gardens is truly one of the best places to visit in California.

Napa Valley and Vineyards

If you want to enjoy wine tasting in one of the best vine producing areas in the world, you should definitely visit the Napa Valley and Vineyards in California. Aside from amazing views, you can also enjoy some of the best tasting wines at their premier restaurants.

These are just some of the ten best places to visit in California if you plan to spend your vacation here.