If you are planning to visit London, you should definitely make the most out of your vacation by going to the best tourist attractions in the city. You should note that some of these places may have a fee to enter. You can take advantages of coupons that are available online in order to save money to gain entry into these spectacular attractions.

London Eye

If you absolutely want to have an aerial view of the entire city of London, you should try out the London Eye.  The London Eye provides a very entertaining way for you to be able to see London at from the highest peak possible. This is one of the top paid visitor attractions in London. You can truly make the most out of what you’ll pay for the ticket because with the London Eye, you can see 3D footage of London together with 4D sensory effects that can give you a one of a kind experience.  Riding the London Eye is like getting into a huge Ferris wheel ride right in the heart of London.

Tower of London

If you want to know more about the history of the royal palace, you should definitely visit the Tower of London.  In this place, you can learn about different historical legends and stories and you can touch different armor, swords and other weapons that are displayed in the tower. You will definitely feel that you are in the medieval period with all the experience you can get at the Tower of London.

Royal Museums Greenwich

You should definitely visit the Royal Museums Greenwich because you can to go to three different attractions under one name. The Royal Museums Greenwich is actually one name joining three different locations known as the Queen’s House, The National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory and Peter Harrison Planetarium.

The Science Museum

If you want to take your mind to a new adventure into the most visited science museums in Europe, you should definitely go and visit The Science Museum. In this museum, you can witness and try different up to 15,000 displays. You can even see some of the capsules and rockets used in different space explorations. There are also interactive galleries, 3D and even 4D cinemas that you can truly enjoy.

The British Museum

If you are a fan and lover of the arts, you should not miss visiting The British Museum in London.  In this museum, you can enjoy taking different tours of the precious galleries containing some of the best art collections. There are also talks and tours with guides which can definitely help you learn and appreciate art more.

Madame Tussaud’s Museum

If you want to be really up close with your favorite famous character, celebrity or personality, you should definitely not miss visiting Madame Tussaud’s Museum. This museum has different zones with about 300 different wax figures. You can definitely enjoy taking a lot of souvenir pictures with these incredible wax figures.

Buckingham Palace

While in London, you should also visit the Buckingham Palace, which is considered to be the residence of the royals or the British Monarchy. This palace is an impressive and elegant structure that you should definitely see for yourself. You should also not miss the Guard Mounting where guards take their places in front of the palace. This is definitely one of the most awaited events by tourists at the palace.

Westminster Abbey

You might also want to visit the place where the coronation of the past Kings and Queens of England was held.  Aside from the coronation events, the royal weddings are also held in this special and memorable place. The Westminster Abbey is known to be a very popular structure that has existed since the early sixteenth century.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most popular churches not only in London but also all over the world. This cathedral is visited by a lot of tourists because of it has been considered as one of those cathedrals with the largest domes in the world. It’s classy and one of a kind architectural style also impresses a lot of tourists in different parts of the world that is why you should definitely see it for yourself.


If you are an avid shopper and you want to have the best shopping experience in London, you should definitely visit Harrods. This is considered to be one of the largest stores in London. It has seven levels where you can purchase a variety of items ranging from clothes to designer bags and other accessories.

If you are able to visit these famous and impressive attractions in London, you can definitely enjoy your stay and make it a truly unforgettable one. Remember that if you need pay an entrance fee into these places then you should try and book online in advance to take advance of many offers available online.