Backlinks are not the backbone of an SEO campaign, but they are a good tool that should be used whenever possible to compliment your quality content and web page optimization. Here 10 good places online where you can get free do-follow backlinks to your site, which can help boost your search engine rankings.

Wordpress is one of the best free tools that a website can implement into a search engine marketing campaign. Wordpress blog sites come SEO-ready, with smoothly linked pages and easy meta-tag features. Backlinks from wordpress are good rank boosters.

Probably the most well-known blogging site online, Blogger is a must for any website looking to build up their online presence. Make sure to update your blog daily and include quality content. Place links at the end of articles and navigation sections, and use target keywords in them rather than just "click" here or a simple URL.

Squidoo allows you to set up a single page where you can post as many posts as you want. Make sure that you don't over-link back to your web site, as this can actually hurt your rankings.

This website is a good place to not only post but learn how to work with html. Though it's not as easy to use, it's versatile once you have the html down.

This website is not as well known as Blogger or Wordpress, but it is a great resource and carries a good bit of weight in search engine rankings. It requires a bit more technical computer skills, but it's worth it.

Linkmarket is a free website that lets other sites connect and exchange links. Reciprocal linking doesn't carry as much weight as one-way linking, but it is still good to have. Linkmarket is easy to use and simple.

Article Sites

Article websites like carry a lot of weight with search engines and can boost your rankings greatly if your posts in them become popular. The more readers you get, the more backlinks you'll likely receive. When it comes to San Diego Internet marketing, building backlinks through high quality article content is a great white hat SEO strategy. Other article sites are and