There are about 27 Manhattan neighborhoods full of diversity and rich lifestyles. Some of them you will want to explore over and over again-all of them must be experienced at least once. There is no where else that comes close to this fabulous city and the amazing style and richness that it brings to our American culture. Ten popular Manhattan neighborhoods are briefly described to give you an idea for planning your next trip to NYC.

  1. Central Park. 843 acres of fabulous woodlands, lakes, zoos and serene places to re-ignite the soul. A popular and--frequented by many of all ages--NYC neighborhood. It is centrally located and offers a depth and dimension to this area incomparable to any other. 
  2. Chelsea. An up and coming trendy area; rich with galleries, boutiques and expressive restaurants. Check out the sailboat rides and sports arenas for great vacation memories.
  3. Financial District. Home of Battery Park City, The NY Stock Exchange  and Wall Street.
  4. Gramercy Park. Located in downtown Manhattan; this historic and charming district is located from Park Avenue South to Third Avenue.
  5. Harlem. Don’t miss the Lenox Lounge and Apollo Theater. This Manhattan neighborhood pops with lively entertainment, excellent restaurants and stylish boutiques. Located in the northern area, it is one of the largest districts.
  6. Soho. Narrow streets with no signs on restaurants and other establishments. Why unmarked? Because everyone just knows where they are and need no advertising. The galleries and shops are exquisite in this trendy and popular New York City neighborhood.
  7. Tribeca. The “triangle below Canal” is an artist’s dream with lofts and galleries and cafes that are well tread, exclusive and unforgettable. Tribeca neighborhood is many times equated with posh elegance and wealth.
  8. Greenwich Village. This is a favorite neighborhood and home of New York University, NoHo and Washington Square Park. One of the most popular and renouned NYC neighborhoods.
  9. East Village. Tattoo and piercing parlors galore and hair color sightings that are beyond words. There are several ethnic restaurants to chose from and lots of things to do.
  10. Midtown East. This is the pulse of the city with Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall, the Museum of Modern Art and Carnegie Hall. Midtown Manhattan has various sections to it and is a hub of the city.