Valentine's Day History

Valentine's Day(or St. Valentine's Day) is a celebration of the early Christian saints named Valentinus. It is celebrated worldwide every year on February 14th and is a special day for lovers to express their love. The exact origin of it is not known, but it is believed that it began around 269 A.D. A Roman priest named St. Valentine who was imprisoned for marrying couples. But, when Claudius became emperor, he outlawed marriages because he feared that it would negatively affect soldiers. Valentine defied his order and continued to perform wedding ceremonies. Eventually, Claudius found out about this and ordered his beheading. He wrote love letters to his jailer's daughter while he waited to be put to death. On the day that he died, he signed his last letter to her which said: "From Your Valentine." More than 200 years later, Pope Gelasius set aside a day in February to honor St. Valentine. Since then, it has been one of the most popular celebrations in the world. According to one greeting card study, about 25% of all cards sold in America are Valentine's Day cards. Only New Year's Day is more celebrated.

Modern Valentine's Day

Today, it has evolved into a celebration of lovers presenting gifts and symbols to each other. Heart-shaped doves and the winged Cupid have become a permanent part of Valentine's Day. The color red symbolizes it through red boxes of chocolate, flowers, or a cake. This day began to flourish in the United States when Esther Rowland received a card in the late 1840's from a friend. She loved it so much that she eventually started her own greeting card business. It prospered and exchanging cards became a part of American tradition.Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so you should start thinking about how to show appreciation for your loved one. These are 10 gifts you should consider buying for your mate:

5 Gifts For Her

Red Roses

Buying your woman red roses is always a good Valentine's Day is always appreciated. This is one of oldest gifts ever and is a great symbol of love. It is a great way to express your love for her. Or, if she has a favorite color, then try and get her roses that reflect it. If you purchase a box of chocolate along with them, she will be even more impressed. A heart-shaped package is a neat way to say, "I love you." If chocolate is not her favorite candy, then buy her whatever she likes. You can never go wrong with red roses.


Show her how special she is by buying a nice piece of jewelry. Something that your special lady can put around her neck is always good. Try to get her something that reflects her personality. For example, if she is a religious person,consider buying her a symbol of her religion. It will make her feel that you are romantic and put a lot of thought into Valentine's Day. If she loves jewelry, consider buying her a box for them so that she can keep them organized. Every time your lady opens it, she will be reminded about how much you care. Find the highest quality box that you can afford. If money is an issue for you, consider buying some nice imitation jewelry. Diamond-shaped jewelry is a great thing to give her. Jewelry always puts a smile on a woman's face.


A good perfume will help her feel sexy and want to be romantic. You will love it too because her scent will be irresistable. Her body will be like a magnet to you. If you do not know what type of fragrance she likes, then ask someone at a perfume store. They can tell you what some of the most popular brands are. If you are on a tight budget, the employees can tell you what is best for what you can spend. Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein are popular brands with the ladies.

Picture Frame

A picture frame symbolizes that your loving bond with her. It tells your lady that she is the only woman for you. Both of you in a picture will be a constant reminder of how much you mean to each other. It tells her that you want to spend your life with her. Like the old saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." Note: Do not forget to put the photograph in the frame. Make sure that you put the frame in a safe and secure place.

Spa Massage

A massage is an outstanding way to pamper your woman. Let her be spoiled on this special day. Give her the princess treatment and allow her to feel vibrant. Valentine's Day happens only once a year, so go all out for her. Many spas offer discounts and certificates. Do some research and find out which ones offer the best deals. Try to give your woman an all day session. When it is done, she will feel relaxed and her heart will be glowing.

5 Gifts For Him

Homemade Dinner

Show your man how much you care about him by cooking him his favorite meal. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to prepare. If you are not a whiz in the kitchen, then consider asking a relative or friend to help. Many supermarkets offer coupons to save you money on Valentine's Day. Check out your newspaper and see what discounts you can find. Wednesday's are a great day to do research on this. He will appreciate your time and effort and have a full stomach. This shows him that you truly care about him.

Treat Him To A Sporting Event

Does your man have a favorite sport or athlete? You should consider buying tickets for both of you. If he likes pro basketball, take him to see his favorite team play. If he is a fan of one of the players, then this will mean even more to him. Try and get the best seats that you can afford. Cheer for his team with enthusiasm and treat him to foods and drinks. Most men love sports and your man is probably no exception.

Get His Car Cleaned

Has your man been so busy that he has not had his car cleaned for awhile? Do him a favor and have it washed. It does not cost much money and he will be pleasantly surprised. Have his wheels and rims sparkling. Gift certificates are often available and the look on his face will be priceless. You may even want to go a step further. If his car needs some maintenance work, try and get his car fixed. This will save him money and he will never forget it.

Buy Him A Wallet

If he has trouble staying organized, consider buying him a wallet. If you have some extra money available, try and buy him a leather one. He will be able to find pictures of you and keep his money more secure. It will be easier for him to keep track of important identification cards. If he is a businessman, it will make it more convenient for him to pull out his business cards. Your man can also keep important phone numbers in his wallet.

Buy Him A Shaving Kit

Try not to buy him a traditional shaving kit. This is Valentine's Day and you should get him one that is special. Shaving products that contain quality oils will help his skin stay healthy. You want the grooming experience to be pleasurable for him. Make sure that you include a bump stopper as a part of his kit. It is irritating when you develop bumps after shaving. It is a miserable experience and you should try and avoid this. Also consider buying him a good after shave lotion.

Men, you should buy red roses because you can never go wrong with them. Jewelry is always good and most women love a nice necklace around their neck. Perfume makes a woman smell good and will make her want to cuddle with you. A picture frame tells her that there is a serious future for both of you. A spa massage is a great way to pamper and spoil her. Ladies, cooking your man's favorite meal will make him feel appreciated. Treating him to a sporting event will be an enjoyable surprise for him. Getting his car cleaned will make his life easier and he will never forget it. Buying him a wallet will help keep his life organized. A shaving kit will help him have a pleasant grooming experience. Obviously, there are many other great Valentine's Day gifts that you can give to each other. These are just 10 that are popular. No matter what gifts you exchange with one another, appreciate, love, and cherish each other. Happy Valentine's Day!