Did you know that nearly everyone who imagines having good health is not being true to himself?

Let us be honest, if you think you are healthy check if your standard of health is high or too low!

Health is measured in terms of whether a feeling of pain, distress or any other clinical symptoms is present.  Itoxin filled food, after eatingn other words, a person is healthy when he is immune from disease.

 So, is good health achievable?  Follow these 10 practical suggestions and live life happily ever after:

1.        Be Cheerful all the time – build a cheerful attitude at all times especially during meal time. As the saying goes, “Never eat when mad or bad or sad, only when glad.”

2.       Be contented with life – contentment with everything especially with simple foods form a very happy and agreeable combination. If properly cultivated, good digestion is possible.

3.       Do not eat a variety at any one meal – it is injurious to eat a great variety at any one meal. Remember that animals thrive on simple and few foods; so mankind will to.

4.       Masticate food thoroughly – it is not advisable to freely eat soft starchy foods. As a rule, eat foods that demands mastication.

5.       Practice regular eating of meals – regularity of meals is essential.  An interval of five hours between meals is advice. Ordinarily, three meals a day are good. For brain sedentary workers, two meals are better than three.  Evening meal should be light in general; composed of foods that are easy to digest.  It is advisable not to eat an hour before sleep--stomach should be empty at this time.

6.       Do not combine opposing foods – vegetables and fruits do not make the most pleasing combination so they should not be eaten at the same meal.  Same with sugar and milk --should not be combined-better avoid.

7.       Do not sleep immediately before or after eating – sleeping right before or after eating retards digestion. Do some relaxation before and after meals. A moderate exercise for at least thirty minutes is beneficial on digestion. Walking is preferable.

8.       Avoid hot foods and hot drinks – they tend to weaken the mucous membranes of the throat and stomach.

9.       Best time to drink water – when the stomach is empty – soon after rising in the morning and half an hour before meals.  Drinking at these periods aids in cleansing out the stomach, also acts as an internal bath.

10.   Do not fret or complain – look upon the bright and cool side of life. Do not worry; worry and discontentment are injurious to the digestion than errors in diet.  In general, a heart at peace is essential to have good health and absolute happiness.