Reiki questions and answers.


Reiki is one of the fastest growing healing techniques around the world. Discovered in Japan Reiki has gone all over the world not only because it works as a healing techniques but especially for its simplicity. Because Reiki is simplicity, and harmony; or at least that's what Reiki was at the beginning. I love Reiki because it works but I don't like very much what Reiki as a healing technique has become these days too often. But this doesn't depends on Reiki, it depends on human beings.

Anyway this article reflects my own opinion on Reiki and you are free to disagree, politely of course.




Reiki Questions answered:


  1. What is Reiki? Reiki means Universal Life Energy, or Universal Healing Energy. This is what Reiki is. In Japanese Reiki means the Universal Life Energy flowing in every existing thing present in the human being. The Universal Life Force down in the human being. As a healing therapy Reiki is transferred from the Universe through the practitioner to the client helping him to heal himself. My own definition which I use is that Reiki is a relaxation based therapy which can enhance the self healing ability of the client. It's not as spiritual but no one can say I'm wrong.
  2. How can I use Reiki? You can use Reiki to heal yourself, if you are a practitioner, and to heal others. It works extremely well to heal yourself and even better to help the client to heal himself. That's why Reiki is spreading everywhere, it works and it works well. And what's more it doesn't have contraindications.
  3. Can Reiki heal everything? More or less. I don't remember exactly where but once I've read that Reiki is pro life but it is not against death. We can use Reiki to heal everything and most of the times it works, but sometimes if your moment is arrived you just have to go. With Reiki though you go better. Keep in mind that also traditional medicine can't heal everyone. But definitely Reiki helps in every situation.
  4. What about Reiki Masters? With this I'm going to have probably some enemies but I think that the only Reiki Master is Mr. Usui, all the others, Mrs. Takata too, are just practitioners. The term Reiki Master in my opinion has been used more to have practitioner to pay incredible sums of money for the title than to really mean something. If you think about it it's pretty cool to say "I'm a Master". So, we are all Reiki Practitioner and nothing more. And I think Reiki would agree too.
  5. What about Reiki Symbols? The same as above. Actually there are no proofs that Reiki originally had symbols. They are an invention of Mrs. Takata used extremely well again to have practitioners to pay big sums of money to learn them. Let's use a bit of logic here: if Reiki is Universal by definition then all symbols are equal and all Reiki symbols are right. And there are no secrets about them. They can be useful to help you to focus but you could as well use the square, the circle and the triangle. At the end if Mr. Usui was French what symbols would have used? Keep in mind that Reiki is Universal, not Japanese. So forget about symbols and forget about paying to learn them, you can find them for free on the net and they work just as well. That's why in every course the "Master" says that what really matters is your intention and not the perfection of symbols. I use the Tibetan Reiki symbols because I like them but I could as well use something else, or no symbols at all.
  6. What about Reiki Schools? Reiki is simple, but human beings are complicated. These days you can find schools attuning you to everything, from Angelic Reiki to Ogham Reiki and all this kind of stuff. You know given that Reiki is Universal there are infinite frequencies of Reiki to be attuned to. Come on! And tens of levels of Reiki. Money, money and money. But one very good reason for having so many Reiki Schools is that thanks to some really enlightened Reiki practitioners who found crazy to ask for various thousands dollars to student now it's possible to learn Reiki at its right price, which in my opinion is around one hundred dollars, or euros for the first level and little more for the so called Master level. While it's true that either you can use Reiki or not there are certain things to learn before running groups or giving attunements which require a deeper knowledge. Never go over 500 dollars anyway for a full weekend. Reiki trainers are there to teach and to earn a living, not to buy a Ferrari.
  7. What about Reiki and Religion? Reiki can be used by people coming from any religion, but not every religion accept Reiki. Especially those religions who think that they have the monopoly to healing or that they know the "truth" and you do not. Reiki is spiritual but it is not religious and given that you need no intermediate between you and the Universal Life Energy this is something that not every religion accept. No problems with Buddhism or Taoism though.
  8. What about Reiki Distant Attunements and Distant Healing? These are somehow controversial, while I can assure you that Reiki exists and that it works for either distant attunements or healing I'm not that sure. And there aren't proofs that Mr. Usui did them too. Given that there are Reiki practitioners in every city you'd better go to one of them.
  9. What about Reiki for free? Would you provide your services for free? And why a Reiki practitioner should? Even if Reiki is at everyone's disposal the Reiki practitioner like you has food to buy and bills to pay so he needs to ask money for his services. This doesn't mean that 200 dollars for a Reiki treatment would be fine, but just as you get payed for your job the Reiki practitioner has to be payed for his service. Otherwise only those who can live without a job could provide Reiki treatments, and this would take us back that only those who can afford to pay thousands dollars for an attunement can become Reiki "Masters".
  10. What about Reiki Principles? There are various versions of the principles of Reiki, but mainly two. One is the one of Mrs. Takata which you usually recognize because they say "honor your master" or something like that. My idea has always been that they have been written in these way more to have obedient and paying practitioners than for something else. The true Reiki Principles, the Gokai, comes from the rules of the Meji Emperor of Japan who Mr. Usui thought to be a very enlightened man.


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