Why should you buy a kitten?

Cats are a great addition to the family, but when choosing a kitten you still have to take into consideration certain things. Once you have decided that having a kitten is suited and you are ready then off to the pet shop or rescue centre you go! If you are still deciding on why you should own a kitten consider the following 10 reasons.

1.   They are adorable - Kittens are so cute in almost everything they do, even bathroom trips can be somehow made seem delicate looking. They are soft, furry and each kitten has a look of their own. Some kittens are stripy, others plain colours but all are simply adorable!

2.   Easy to train – Kittens are generally easy to litter train. Some may take a few weeks, others only a few days depending on certain situations. As long as the effort is made to give them a clean litter every day, and in a location that they are comfortable with then soon enough the litter box training will be down pat. Some kittens/cats like to go to the bathroom in private so if you notice this seems to be the case, then consider getting them a closed litter box rather than the standard tray. Kittens are easier to train than puppies, as once the litter training is done then there is nothing else to follow.

3.    They are a great addition to the family – Having a kitten/cat in the family might be just what you need. Someone for the kids to spend a little extra time with and care for. Having pets as growing up, gives children a sense of responsibility. Someone depending on them and someone a little different and special to everyone else. Having said this, the kitten or even child might not take straight away to the other, so introducing them slowly is a great way to get things started.

4.    They are great companions – They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but a kitten/cat can be equally a great companion.  Cats are loving companions when treated right, respect and love them, and they will do the same in return. Cats are known for snuggling on their owners laps, beside or on the end of the bed, smooching all round in general. They simply enjoy your company and don’t ask for much in return.

5.   They aren’t noisy – Cats do no not bark! Straight away that’s a bonus, no getting up through the night because of the barking when people walk past. They sometimes meow when they are hungry or would like to be let outside, or even saying hello as you say hello to them. That’s it, unless of course you have a snake or something roaming through your house then they tend to make a noise as they are either alarming you or trying to figure out what they are going to do with it.

Watching Television with the Children

6.   Easy to Entertain – None of this setting dinner plates, going to the park, music or fetch; to which it is you left to chase the ball, cats are easy to entertain. A couple of balls, string, and a television left on, mirror, a pretend mouse or anything along those lines. Cats seem to entertain themselves with the simplest things, leaving a piece of string hanging from the table chair; can have them entertained for hours.


7.   They keep mice and rats at bay – Mice and rats are generally easy for a cat to catch, and it being their natural instinct to hunt, when they find mice or rats they tend to catch, play and eat them. Some cats hunt especially for them, so you can keep in mind that if you have a mice problem and owned a cat, the problem would slowly get better.


8.   You don’t have to walk them – A great thing about cats, is that you don’t have to walk them. Some owners choose to so their indoor cats have outside time as well. This however requires lead walking training, and may not always work. The general domestic cat doesn’t need to be walked, but can be taken for a walk if you choose to.


9.   They don’t chew your clothesline – Cats do not chew the clothes off the clothesline, dig holes in your yard, chew the toys left in the yard or slobber over everything. They do however sometimes have fascinations for cords such as electrical cords. So I would suggest tidying those up just in case.


10  Curiosity is entertaining – Cats are curious about almost everything. A ball rolling down the hallway, the sound coming from those speakers, what’s happening on the television, or what’s in that box. It is simply adorable and one of those things that personalizes a cat. While cats/kittens don’t take much entertaining, they could entertain you for hours. This is one of my personal favourites about owning a kitten, apart from the affection they love to share.


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A Kittens curiosity