Bruno MarsCredit: Wikipedia

1. He stayed true to his fans. Rather than conforming and ditching what his fans are accustomed to, Bruno Mars put on a show that was what anyone that had seen him before had come to expect. It was his signature performance, styling and excitement that stole the show.

2. His outfit was fierce! That metallic gold blazer was to die for. I know I’m not the only one that noticed the detailing on his pants. He was styled perfectly and looked comfortable and relaxed onstage as if it were a small show for family and friends in his hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii.

3. His dance moves were stellar. He gave James Brown a run for his money with that footwork! He was moving and grooving in his confidence like he knew he was rocketing to a new level of stardom.

4. Ummm.. Did you see him play the drums? Bruno opened up the show letting everyone know he was there to put on a show with his perfectly performed drum solo.

5. His hair never fell. That is a serious hairspray he used and I want the brand now! All of that jumping and dancing did not damage the perfectly styled hairstyle he has made famous.

6. The fan dedications were so sweet and personable. After drinking beers for the first half of the game I was ready to cry by the time Bruno started singing.

7. The variety! He could have easily been what everyone expected and performed his entire set like his first song. Instead he sped it up with The Red Hot Chili Peppers then slowed it back down for his hit ‘Just the Way You Are’.

8. The full band was incredible. Live instrumentation, especially a horn section, is always welcomed and appreciated. Having them in matching metallic gold blazers to add to the overall fierceness was a plus.

9. The lack of scantily clad women that you have to shield the children’s eyes from watching was refreshing. It seems that every act in popular culture requires women half naked. I was very happy to take a break from this pop culture phenomenon.

10. I will admit that I was not a fan of Bruno Mars before the Super Bowl and actually felt bad for him when I found out he had to follow Queen Beyonce’s performance last year. But I was pleasantly surprised by his performance. He is very talented and he can actually sing!

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