1) Clean under beds and furniture. Say goodbye to dust bunnies! One of the really cool things about robot vacuums that you don't realize until you have one, is that they are built to be short. Unless you have a really low bed, a Roomba is going to be able to vacuum underneath it. It will also be able to get under coffee tables, dining room tables, desks, and most chairs. Unfortunately, I don't think there are a lot of couches that it will be able to get under, but you can't have everything. The really great thing is that you won't have this build-up of dust and dust bunnies under your bed (of course you'll have to clean all that stuff out from under your bed, but that's what closets are for, right???)

2) Schedule vacuuming. Most of the iRobot Roombas offer this feature now. To be honest, we take our Roomba out before we leave for work, and turn it on just before we walk out the door. But if you prefer to, you can set the Roomba to vacuum on a schedule. If you have a small house, your robot can vacuum the entire house. The Roombas allow you to schedule up to seven times a week. I'm sure that for people who want to clean their house a lot, and who have a big house, they could come up with some kind of solution where they put the Roomba in a different room every day. On the minus side, it does happen that sometimes the robot vacuums will get stuck somewhere and need human intervention. If you have a lot of cables on the floor or other sorts of places that a Roomba might get stuck, then this feature might not be for you. With some adjustment on our part, we were able to make it so there aren't any places in our house where our robot gets stuck.

3) Vacuum Daily. An obvious outcome of scheduled vacuuming is that it becomes possible to vacuum every day. I ask: Why not? You don't exactly have to be a neat freak to enjoy having a floor that is cleaned every day, especially when you don't really have to do very much to achieve that. About all you have to do is empty the dust bin on the Roomba and clean its brushes. I haven't read any studies, but I have read quite a few reviews by allergy sufferers who claim that having a Roomba vacuum every day has helped them breathe easier.

4) Follow it around the house. Yes we do this. It's really fun to watch the Roomba zip around. It has a mind of its own, and it's interesting to watch it bump into things, zip around under furniture, avoid falling down the stairs, and make your pets nervous. One thing that's especially fun for some reason is watching a Roomba go under something like a dining room table with lots of chair arranged under it. Sometimes it takes some serious maneuvering for the Roomba to get itself untangled from all the legs. You find yourself rooting for it.

5) Use the remote control. Oh ho ho yes. If it wasn't enough fun just following your robot vacuum cleaner around the house, there is more time to waste. On the practical side, if you have an area that is really dirty and you want to guide the Roomba there and make sure it thoroughly cleans the area, there's nothing like "doing it yourself" with the remote. At the same time, the Roomba is going to get it all eventually anyway, so there isn't much reason really, except to give yourself a few moments of amusement. It is really fun, by the way.

6) It's a robot vacuum cleaner! Yes, it's a robot vacuum cleaner. How cool is that? I find it thrilling. Like I'm George Jetson's wife. Here in the 21st Century, we may not have jet packs, but we do have cleaning robots. In addition, your friends and family are going to find it interesting. They'll get over the novelty pretty quick, but it does make for a great conversation starter.

7) It's great for people with pets. Make no mistake, if you have cats or dogs, you've got fur all over the place from shedding, especially on the floor. Even worse, what's on the floor ends up in your bed, on the couch, or anywhere else your feet go. A robot vacuum cleaner that vacuums every day can put a serious dent in all that stray hair. In fact, iRobot sells a Roomba specifically designed for pet owners.

8) Cat Ride. While we're on the subject of pets, if you haven't seen this YouTube video of a cat riding a Roomba, then it's possible that you've been living under a rock for the past year.

9) Hack it. This is more of an option for serious geeks and hardware hackers, but iRobot has published the specifications and made their software open so that would-be robot builders and hackers can make their own interfaces, attach nerf guns, robot arms, cameras, or use their Wii remote to control a Roomba. The things you can do are practically limitless, and you're building onto a platform that is already robust and off-the-shelf.

10) It does a great job. iRobot has put a lot of research and work into making the Roomba an effective vacuum cleaner. First off, it uses a special navigation system to make sure that it gets every square foot of the room. Next, it uses innovative cleaning techniques to get as much off the floor as possible. People have done their own tests. Generally what they do is empty a room of furniture and vacuum it as thoroughly as possible, then they replace all the furniture and let the Roomba have a go at it. Invariably, they find that the Roomba still picks up more dust and dirt than they would expect - from a floor they just cleaned!

11) There's a community. I know I said that there were going to be 10 reasons, but I decided to sneak this last one in. There is a large community of robot enthusiasts and Roomba fans. If you're looking for more news and reviews about Roomba robot vacuum cleaners, there are any number of sites. You can also go to YouTube and find any number of movies demonstrating them. Here is a nice page on Roomba Features.