10 Reasons To Drop Out Of College

10 Reasons To Drop Out Of College

Below is a list I put together of the top 10 reasons to drop out of college. Now I put this list together to show anyone planning on attending college, and those currently attending college what's real and transparent about the world. Life isn't all love, peace and happiness. It's a dog eat dog world where everything can be taken from you, like that. Don't go thinking that just because you graduate from college life will be safe and secure. Anyways enough of the intro, cut to scene.

1. You Can Still Get The College Experience

Most young adults go to college for the whole college experience. They want to meet new people, move out of the house, party all night long, basically live up their youth. This is cool and all but then what you don't want to do is actually do the college part. You don't want to study long hours at the library, do research papers on people you have absolutely no interest in, and sit in 3 hour classes to learn something you could have learned on Google in 5 minutes.

You can skip all of that and still get the college experience. You can still go out dancing, socializing at college parties, drink, try your first bong hit or whatever and so on. When you hang out with your buddies or girlfriends you won't get to talk about class, but who wants to talk about school anyways? I mean you go out to college parties to forget about school, not to talk about it. So why would you want to talk about something you don't like doing? That's just negative energy, put that shit away and focus on things you do like.

The College experience can definitely still be experienced, hell I moved to Southern California for 6 months and was basically a UCSB "student" for a whole semester. People literally thought I went to UCSB, instead I was reffing soccer games on the weekends and making more than enough money to support myself. Great experience, did I need school to experience it? No way Jose Sanchez to the third. Get Some.

2. Here Comes The Debt

Unless you have the money to pay for your school, are on an academic or athletic scholarship, or have every single grant you applied for - then consider paying anywhere from $30,000-$50,000 for 4 years. Then depending on what you want to major in, if that requires even more school, add another $20,000 on top of that. So lets say you're the average American, as most of us are, and you don't have that money. You gotta apply for that good old American School loan! Hoooray for you! :) (sarcasm)

We'll be nice and say you only have $40,000 to pay off in 4 years. Well you're going to start working really hard at a minimum wage job, while you go to school to pay off your loan. Chances are you have a cell phone, car, car insurance, gas for the car, place to live, food, clothes, going out money, books, and anything else you spend your money on. On top of that how are you going to work soo many hours to pay off that student loan, and still have time to have fun and not fall behind on your grades?

Ouch..sucks to be you. Doesn't sound like fun at all. What a sweet college experience.

Then reality hits, you graduate from school and you're typically going to start at a job making $25,000-$35,000 per year. Now all of a sudden since you have this "high paying job" you're going to feel you deserve to buy a new car, new clothes, new this and new that. Maybe you decide to get a $15,000 car, boom another loan right there. Your total is now up to $55,000 worth of debt, and you're working somewhere where you earn $25,000-$35,000 a year?

That to me doesn't seem like a good investment. So before you go to college, think about how much debt you're going to be in. At the rate of your pay and your debt, odds are that you won't be out of debt until you're about 30+ years old. At which point you could possibly already have a kid, and another mouth to feed which amounts to even more debt.

Oh and did I mention buying a house? Yeah that's another pre-approved loan for you to spend money that you DON'T HAVE. Man that's a heap of debt, good luck paying that off and keeping up wit the Jones'.

3. College Doesn't Teach You How To Make Money

College will not teach you how to make money. Your professors will follow a curriculum which was written by other teachers. If you want to learn how to make money, then surround yourself with people who have already made tons of money. Ask them questions, learn from them, gain their knowledge.

Believe it or not there are wealthy people who did not go to college and/or dropped out. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are perfect examples, they had ideas and took what they knew, and applied them. Then they HIRED all of those college graduates to work for them. You think when the new MacBook Pro came out for Apple that Steve Jobs created it? Hell no, but he sure does take all the credit for it.

The main point is that if you want to be wealthy, like we all do. Learn and surround yourself with people who have already made a ton of money, and eventually you will to.

4. Stress

How many times have have you been stressed out because you didn't get enough sleep the night before school in the morning. My guess is you were probably working or doing some late night homework. We've all been stressed out, but I can bet that most of our stress has come from school or work. So why go to school when you're going to get stressed out, and then go to work to get even more stressed out? Doesn't make sense.

When you don't have stress you feel better. There's more positive energy flowing through your body and less negative. You can actually be productive and get more done. But if you're going to school to earn a degree, and then work all the time you're just leading yourself into being a less productive person with tons of stress.

This is probably why the divorce rate in America is super high, because everyone is always stressed out. Mom is either stressed out because dad can never be there, and dad is stressed out because mom is stressing out on him! The couples literally never see each other because they're always working!

School+Degree+Job+Long Work Hours = Stress <<<

5. The Corporate World

Do you really want to be in an office from 9-5 until you're 60? Was that your goal in life? I can tell you this. Vacation time is hard to come across. You're lucky if you get a weekend off, a week tops. It's not like school where you have a summer and Christmas break, your work still has to get done. No breaks for you college graduate, but hey this is what you always wanted right?

To be told when to wake up, when to go home, when your lunch break is, how long it is, how to dress, how to talk, how much you're going to earn, how much vacation time you have. I thought you wanted to grow up and make your own decisions, sounds to me like someone (your boss) is making those decisions for you.


Plus you're probably just making more money for the people who actually own the company than you're making yourself. You can make $50,000 a year but I bet you make the company $250,000 in a year. See anything wrong with that picture? or is it cool for you to put money in other people's pockets instead of your own.

Did want to bring up the safe secure job thing to me? Don't mention it. With two snappy words of "you're fired" your income stream is gone, now what are you going to do? Go out and look for another job? That didn't work before so why would you do it again? I bet you won't even like what you're doing.

"Getting a job is like enrolling in a human domestication program. You learn how to be a good pet."

-Steve Pavlina

6. Time Is Money

If you and I both had 4 years, and I chose to run an online business while you went to college. It would look something like this.


-I would teach myself everything I wanted to learn

-build an online business, drive tons of traffic to it, and make a living from sitting at home.

-4 years down the road I have the potential to be earning as much as $250,000+ per year


-will just be getting out of school

-will have debt to pay off (lots of it)

-will be looking for a job

-will think $30,000 is a lot of money

In the end. Your investment was $40,000. My investment was $50 for my hosting and domain name, if that.

Now I use this example to prove a point. That you can be spending your time doing more productive things rather than going to school. Our goals and general ideas were the same. We both wanted to make investments for the future, so that we can make a living right? However I invested my time and $50, while you invested your time and $40,000. Who had the bigger return though?

This goes back to #3, college doesn't teach you how to make money.

Now I'm not saying education is a bad thing. We both kept learning, except you paid $40,000 to learn stuff you probably had no interest in in the first place, and were only taking it because it was "part of your major."

I paid $24.99 per month for my internet access which I'm going to use anyways, and if you want to be specific that's $1,200 over 4 years.

So remember that time is money, use your time wisely. Because when you're on your death bed you won't be telling yourself man I wish I had more money, you'll be saying "I wish I had more time."

7. It's Actually Not What "You're Supposed To Do"

Society has somehow been brainwashed into thinking that life goes in this order.

Step 1 - Graduate from college

Step 2 -Find a job and work, work, work!

Step 3 - Find your spouse

Step 4- Get married and have kids

Step 5- Tell them the same thing, then rinse and repeat for every generation.

This might have been good advice back in the day, but this is my day homie, and it's probably the worst advice anyone can give you.

Don't go following the status quo of society just because it's "what you're supposed to do." Is that what you want to do or are you only doing it because your parents told you it was the right thing to do? You've got to say "hey fuck no status quo" and decide what you want to do with your life. If you aren't big enough to stand up for your passions, and do what you want to do with your life then go to school. Tuck your tail between your legs, and don't complain when your boss doesn't give you enough vacation time.

8. Your GPA Doesn't Determine Your Worth - Your Value Does

The last time you went to the doctor's office did you ask them, "excuse me but before you do my check up, what was your GPA?".."oh a 3.8..ok good enough for me :)"

Of course you didn't, you went because the guy knows what he's doing! You're going because the value he's giving you is peace of mind that you're healthy. I bet I could learn how to do the check ups for a whole day with a white lab coat, and because I gave you that peace of mind you wouldn't know whether I was a doctor or not.

It's a big joke to think that your life is based off of your college GPA. As consumers of society people want value and that's it. They don't care how many hours your work at your job, what school you went to, or what your GPA was. It's give me what I want, thanks and bye.

9. College Is Not A Requirement

School is required from elementary through high school, not college. College is not a requirement necessary to make a good living.

Did you know that if you worked for $8 an hour for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 4 years straight, you would have made $55, 296. In that sense you're actually more well off than a college graduate who just came out with $40,000 worth of debt. Take out taxes and you've still probably got $45,000, maybe even a little more.

The only requirements to be successful in life is action and passion. Take action on what your passionate about, help others, and you will be successful in mind, body, and wallet..purse for the ladies.

So if you think that you need a college degree to be successful, you've got the game twisted big time.

10. You Won't be Happy, Healthy, or Wealthy

Think about your blueprint for life.

If your blueprint is going to school full time, working part time to have spending money, and doing homework in your spare time for 4 years straight - then follow those plans.

Take into consideration that when you have this huge work load you won't be happy, and when you're not happy you're not in a healthy state of mind, and when you're not in a healthy state of mind you become grumpy or tired, and when you're grumpy or tired you won't be productive, and when you're not productive you won't be taking action, and when you aren't taking action you aren't producing results, and when you aren't producing results you aren't becoming wealthy.

This is the never ending cycle that you're guiding yourself into. It starts at college but as soon as you graduate and become part of corporate society it turns up a notch, then as time goes by it turns up another notch.

That notch is only going to stop going higher and higher if you quit your job, or die.

Now I can't tell you what to do with your life, I can only tell you that whatever you blueprint for life is. Make sure it's pointing you in your desired direction. If you want stress and life in your future, then stay on your path, you're doing just fine. But if you want to make an actual choice, determine your worth and then go out and get it, then start drawing up a new blueprint.

In reality you can't tell your boss how much to pay you, you're paid what you're told you're paid, you work when you're told you work, and you do what they say you do.

I know this article was long but when I'm passionate about something I just keep writing and writing, hopefully I've pushed a few angry buttons, and a few eye opening buttons as well.

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