Smoking is dangerous to your health; we all know that by now. Each year, thousands of people lose their lives as a result of smoking, through diseases or cancer. It’s common knowledge that cigarettes contain chemicals that are hazardous to your health yet millions of people continue smoking, why do people risk their lives full well knowing the risks? Smoking is an addiction and is not something that one can easily let go.

It’s very easy for people who don’t smoke to judge one’s that do, but non-smokers don’t realize the battle smokers face when trying to quit smoking. The main chemical in cigarettes is nicotine and is highly addictive, and is very hard to let go.

Absolutely, it’s very hard to quit smoking, some smokers have managed to successfully quit smoking and some smokers have not. There are several avenues open for smokers to use in helping them kick their smoking habits, and once one of those avenues start working for them, it’s just a matter of time and commitment before they can stop smoking.

10 Reasons to Quit Smoking

  1. Most importantly, your chance of developing any lung disease or cancers is greatly reduced.
  2. Folks around you will stop being passive smokers and will be able to breathe fresh air around you instead of inhaling smoke.
  3. You’ll be saving a lot of money; the cost of tobacco is rising daily, imagine what you could save annually if you were to quit smoking!
  4. Your body, especially your heart, lungs and throat will finally stopped being abused.
  5. Nicotine as well as all the other dangerous chemicals in your body will eventually start being flushed out and you’re body will start the healing process.
  6. It’ll be great for your clothes and the people around you; you won’t smell of stale smoke anymore!
  7. People will not see you as a person who is weak with an addiction.
  8. Without the dangerous chemicals, your body will feel healthier, stronger and more vibrant.
  9. The sense of accomplishment will feel great once you manage to quit smoking. You’ll feel even greater when you’ve managed to kick the smoking habit for good.
  10. Most people who don’t smoke won’t know what you’ve achieved, but people who successfully quit smoking will know and respect you for your commitment to finally better your life.

                    To quit smoking takes time, commitment and a lot of mental agility, this addiction will be overcome and will lead to a better, healthy lifestyle for you and everyone around you.