How to Sleep Better - A Good Night Sleep to Look Younger and Lose Weight!

It is estimated that around half of the world population suffer from some kind of sleeping disorder and around 10% of the population experience chronic insomnia. Many people still do not regard a good night sleep as a real necessity when in fact, it is as important as eating or drinking 8 glasses of water.

 Sleep deprivation affects our mind and body as a whole. It is important to understand that the quality and quantity of sleep is necessary to stay healthy and keep a young-looking appearance. The stress-led environment, mobile phones, internet and TV are just a few of the reasons that keep us awake at night; decreasing at the same time the quality of our sleep: there are people getting eight hours’ sleep and wake up exhausted.  

A good night sleep is important to our long-term health. Not sleeping well could also be a risk to your own safety as it can make you feel sleepy during the day; this has a direct effect on how well you can operate heavy machinery, driving your car, and may even induce you to make small mistakes when performing simple tasks.

There are many reasons why we need to sleep well: the dream is linked to learning and memory and helps the brain to assimilate new information; this is one of the reasons why you need to have regular rests while studying for an exam.


Learning how to sleep better have many benefits:

  1. Keeps your heart healthy (Improves blood pressure and cholesterol)
  2. Helps with the brain’s memory function and learning (a good night sleep improves your memory)
  3. Prevents cancer (Light reduces level of melatonin, a hormone that makes us sleep and prevents cancer)
  4. Reduces stress levels.
  5. Reduces inflammation (inflammation causes deterioration of your body as we age)
  6. Helps the body make repairs (damaged caused by stress, UV rays and other harmful exposure)
  7. It slows down the visible effects of the ageing process and improves the chances for a healthier and longer life.
  8. Decreases dark circles and under eye bags.
  9. It causes dry skin, onset of wrinkles and bad skin.
  10. It can help you lose weight (It may affect the hormone responsible for making us feel hungry as well as the way our body stores and uses the food we eat).


Sleep is an important factor in our overall health - Lack of sleep depresses the immune system making you more likely to be affected by colds, flues, diseases and even cancer.  The better you sleep, the better you feel; a few recommendations to improve the quality of you sleep are:

  1. Your bedroom should be warm and dark.
  2. Avoid watching TV or using your PC 45 minutes before going to bed
  3. Exercise regularly; one of the benefits of Bikram Yoga is that will help you to sleep better.
  4. Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time.
  5. Have a warm bath 30 minutes before going to bed.
  6. Drink a valerian-infusion tea.
  7. Invest in a dawn simulator alarm clock.
  8. Eat a banana, nuts or a cup of warm milk.
  9. Try to laugh before going to bed; watch your favourite tv comedy or talk to friends. Laughter will help you sleep better.


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