love (15971)After reading Anamika's great article25 Reason for Dumping your Boyfriend, I thought us guys needed a little support. So here's my list of 10 reasons to keep us around!

1. He loves you - Your boyfriend loves and cherishes you and always wants to be with you.

2. Fidelity - He doesn't cheat on you and you are the only woman that he wants to be with.

3. Good job - He provides you with financial security and does his best at work. Also, he gets promoted often which means more money that he can spend on both of you having fun together.

4. Thoughtful - He always asks how your day was and listens and never forgets your birthday. Well, maybe sometimes he forgets a little, but he does his best!

5. Great personality - He's funny and always knows what to say to cheer you up and make you feel good.

6. Strong and independent - He can take care of you and make you feel safe. Of course, independent doesn't mean he doesn't need you around, just that he isn't high maintenance and doesn't need to be babied.

7. Your parents love him - He gets along great with your parents and they definitely approve of him.

8. Good looking - Lets face it, looks can be important. He's attractive and is always doing his best to keep up his appearance. He works out and tries to dress well, with your advice of course.

9. Available - Even though he works hard and has a busy life, he can always make time for you.

10. Respect - He respects you and values your thoughts and feeling.

Above, I've given you 10 reasons for keeping your boyfriend around. I would say if your boyfriend meets 4 or 5 of these criteria, you are doing quite well! Share your thoughts in the comments if you agree with me or think I am completely wrong.