10 Great Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

A great option for wood flooring is bamboo. It is a relatively new type of flooring that has become very popular. It is a beautiful looking wood that is just as high in quality as any other hardwood floor. It is very economical to purchase a bamboo floor. It is also very environmentally friendly.

Bamboo wood floor

There are many great reasons to choose a floor made out of bamboo. Some of the reasons are as follows:

1.) It is as durable as a regular hardwood floor. When you think of bamboo, you may not understand the process that this wood goes through to make it durable. Through advanced technology, the stalks are cut into strips and destarched, milled, and preserved. It is then put through the laminating process. The final product is a heavy-duty product. It is flat, smooth, and sustains years of use. If cared for properly, a bamboo floor can last as long as any “typical” hardwood floor.

2.) Installation is as easy as installing a typical hardwood floor. This floor comes in laminated tiles, strips, planks, and floating varieties. It can be installed directly onto a concrete floor. It can be glued, nailed down or floated. It is also easy to cut. You can use general hand tools and saws to cut the bamboo to size. It is lightweight and easily carried.

3.) There are many different colors to choose from. The natural color of bamboo is very light; however, there are many other colors that are popular. The bamboo is either carbonized, or dyed to give a whole spectrum of colors.

4.) There are many different styles of bamboo. The horizontal flooring is a contemporary looking bamboo. It shows the natural growth rings and knots of the plant. Vertical bamboo is laid in long, slender rows. It shows less of the knots and rings. There is also strand bamboo flooring. It is the hardest option, and the most durable.

 5.) This flooring also comes in different textures. The hand-scrapped texture is more rustic. It is laid in large, wide planks and is very unique. The smooth variety is very smooth and sleek looking. It is the most common finish used on bamboo floors.

6.) Bamboo is Eco-friendly. It is a renewable source. It is a grass and therefore very easily harvested and re-grown. A typical oak tree takes 120 years to mature. Bamboo matures in three years and will re-grow naturally. It also requires a very low amount of fertilization. The left over shoots and leaves are used to feed livestock. Many manufacturers are required to be registered with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 and 14001, for quality control and environmental management.

7.) From a social perspective, over 600 million people worldwide that benefit from the income made in bamboo. Most of the bamboo comes from China, which has over 6 million people working in the industry.

8.) The upkeep on a bamboo floor is easy. It is very resilient and extremely strong. It is great for high traffic areas. You are less likely to have to refinish this floor compared to a wood floor.

9.) Bamboo flooring is moisture and stain resistant. Since it is grown in tropical areas, bamboo is naturally moisture resistant. It is great for use in kitchen and bathrooms. Hardwood flooring usually does not hold up well in these rooms. If you spill on a bamboo floor, it will not stain. 

10.) The cost of this flooring is often less expensive than most hardwoods. It is easier to install and an installation expert is not needed. This also will save you money. The actual cost of this flooring is dependant upon which style you choose. It usually runs around $2 - $4 per square foot.

Bamboo flooring can bring the tropics into your home. It has become very popular due to its style, texture, and durability. The fact that it is eco-friendly is another wonderful benefit. The demand for this flooring is sure to increase along with its popularity.