10 Reasons to Drive a Ford Mustang

In 1975 I owned a classic 1965 Navy Blue Ford Mustang Coupe. I loved that old car though my Dad did not. It got great gas mileage and I looked cool driving it but it was just an old car to Dad. Unfortunately, he made me trade it in on a Chevy Chevette! Yes, it's sad but true. He saw the new Chevette as an improvement never realizing I was forever ruined and from then on I just had to have a Mustang. I got my wish and have now I've had 3 more. The current baby is a Legendary Line 2007 Convertible with a tan top and cool white stripe on the body that says Mustang!

Here are the top ten reasons I've found in favor of driving the Ford Mustang!

10. Performance.

For many Mustang owners Performance may be the number one reason to own this car but I'm satisfied just knowing that the car is powerful and makes a cool growling sound when driving it. You gotta love a car that growls and looks like this. However, for those of you who care, they tell me the 2010 Mustang has a nice powerful 305 Horsepower V6 Engine. Car guys usually go WOW when they hear that.

9. American

The Mustang is an American Icon. There are only a few cars that when you think of America you picture a certain car and the Mustang is probably number one. Plus, it feels good to know that when you purchase an American made car you are also supporting American workers even if many of the parts are made overseas.

8. Easy to Park

If you can't park a Mustang you shouldn't be driving period. This is the easiest car ever to park. It's small, handles great, has great visibility and no blind spots at all especially with the convertible top down.

7. Legendary Lime

There are other green cars out there but only one Legendary Lime. This shiny pea green retro Mustang color is truly legendary. Just talk to anyone over 40 and they'll tell you about a cool green Mustang they used to own back in the 70's. Now, you can drive a Legendary Lime Mustang and you can even join a Legendary Lime club. These exclusive clubs are growing in membership every year and you can't join without a Legendary Lime Mustang to register.

6. Mid Life Crisis

There is nothing like buying a Mustang to satisfy the Mid Life Crisis in all of us. Period.

5. Classic Icon

You'll be easy to spot in a Mustang of any era, as it is as classic as America itself.

4. Design

Although the Mustang has made some changes over the years the Design is always clearly Mustang. There has never been a Mustang that didn't look cool!

3. Fun to Drive

The Ford Mustang is just plain fun to drive. Whether you have a coupe or a convertible or a restored classic Pony Car you'll enjoy driving this car! Life is short - drive Fun!

2. Reliability

Ford Mustangs are reliable cars to operate. I have owned 4 of them now and never had a serious problem with any of them. The biggest issues I've had were minor things like sensors lights. And honestly, who really needs those anyway !

1. Image

Image or Looking Good is clearly the number one reason to drive a Ford Mustang. Drive a Mustang down the road and little kids yell out stuff like "Wow Nice Car" and "I like your car!" This is too fun. The Mustang will also accentuate your best features. I look okay but one day I was stopped in my convertible at a red light and observed the man in front of me watching me in his mirror. Oops ..a moment later he crashed into the car in front of him because he was too busy watching my Mustang! Only in the Pony Car could this have happened!