There are many reasons that you may want to get your record expunged; but sometimes by the time you need it to be done, it's too late. It's better to start thinking about it early and get your criminal record expunged before you need it done. Check out these ten reasons to get your record expunged and start anticipating whether you need your record cleared before it's too late.

1. In today's economy, having a criminal record can keep you from getting a job. Employers have their pick of a great pool of employees so you don't want them to have any reason to not choose you. Having your record expunged allows you to honestly tell potential employers that you have a clean criminal record.

2. If you want to have your firearm rights restored (at least in Arkansas) you have to have your record expunged first. A lot of people want to get back to hunting, but can't use a gun. If this is you, you may want to consider getting your record sealed.

3. Traffic violations on your driving record can drive your insurance rates up. In some cases you can have your traffic violations expunged and it may just be worth doing if your insurance rates are getting out of hand.

4. There has recently been a law passed that prohibits individuals with felony convictions on their records from working at daycares. Many daycares are running background checks to see if their employees can continue to work for them. You may not be a daycare worker and this doesn't effect you. But, what if a similar law is passed in your line of work. It's certainly better to address this issue before it becomes an issue.

5. Having a criminal record when you're going through a divorce or child custody battle can negatively impact your position in court. Having your record expunged can help if your ex-spouse decides to run a background check on you.

6. For individuals in high security positions, periodic reviews of your background are done. Although you may still have to disclose that you have convictions or arrests, it may help to show your employer that you have had your record expunged by a judge.

7. When you go to rent an apartment, often apartment managers and landlords run background checks to determine if they want to rent to you. Many times having a felony on your record will prevent you from getting a nice apartment. Before your next move, it may be best to get your record expunged so that you will have more options.

8. In some states, a criminal record may also prevent you from getting subsidized housing or public benefits.

9. If you're in school to get a professional license such as a teaching license or nursing license, getting your record expunged before completion of those classes is probably a good idea. As with security clearances, you may still have to disclose your conviction, but being able to explain that the record was expunged often helps.

10. Thinking about traveling to Canada? If you are, getting your record expunged will be at the top of your to do list. I've been told by many that they encounter problems getting into Canada even with minor offenses on their records, so you will definitely want to get anything expunged from your record that you're eligible to have expunged if you're headed to Canada.