Simple Cookie Recipe(57943)

When it comes to simple cookie recipes, these easy recipes are often overlooked. Let's face it—they have a lot to offer, but many people simply don't see that! There's nothing like homemade recipes for cookies—absolutely nothing! Instead, try these simple recipes out before you go to the store for Chips Ahoy! But even so, why make simple cookies? Why bother? After can just buy them...but can you buy homemade goodness?

1.      They make great gifts

People don't seem to realize what great gifts homemade simple cookie recipes make. Let's face it—when was the last time that you had grannie's cookies? It's been a while, hasn't it? Lots of people miss that—they miss just how delicious it is! So why not? After all—you never know who's homesick and wants something that makes them feel better about their new home or somewhere they've been living for a while but still miss home. 

2.      Variety

The simpler the cookie recipe...the more ways that you can turn it around. There are loads of simple cookie recipes and other easy recipes that you can mix together. You can even take several different types of cookies and mix them together to make something truly special! There are loads of great recipes for cookies that are just waiting for you to check them out! Take the time to check out the many different recipes that you can combine together to make something special.

 3.      A great little snack

Simple cookie recipes turn into great cookies—and great snacks. Let's face it—you don't need a whole bunch. Just one cookie that's homemade is way healthier than loads that come from the store! But it gets better—the simple recipes that you learn can be halfed, quartered, or even doubled! It all depends on what precisely you're looking for. There are plenty of light cookies that you can give a spin—you don't have to deal with hyper kids or a hyper you...just pick a cookie with less sugar!

4.      Creates bonding time

Another great thing about simple cookie recipes is that you get the opportunity to bond. Maybe you haven't seen your grandbabies in a long time...well, to be frank, one of the best memories that people have with their grandmas—or even grandpas!--is making something delicious in the kitchen that they can both enjoy. Simple recipes make that possible. You don't have to be a whiz in the kitchen—you don't have to own a top of the line bakery oven. All that you need is a few recipes for cookies, preferably easy recipes, and a great imagination!

5.      Cookies aren't like other recipes...

With other recipes, you have rules. A souffle needs to be able to fall if you hit the oven too hard and you have to have a special oven but you don't want it to fall or else that's see where this is going. With simple cookie recipes, you don't have to worry about such silly things. It's simple—all that you need to do is a few sprinkles, chips of many flavors (they make raspberry for the berry lovers!)...and, well, after that, you're covered! Simple recipes can turn into masterpieces—without requiring anything special.

6.      You know what you're eating

How many times have you eaten a pack of cookies, then looked at the back of your cookie box and seen a whole bunch of junk that you don't even recognize? The beauty of simple recipes, EASY recipes, is that you know what you're putting in your body. Recipes for cookies are a lot easier to decipher than caramine (What is caramine anyways?'s bugs. You're welcome.) and whatever else appears up there! You know what you're eating, when you're eating it!

7.      You feel more accomplished

You get a sense of accomplishment when you make simple cookie recipes—because you know that you're the one who made them. You took the time, looked up recipes for cookies...and you put the love and effort into it. No one else—no stupid machine touched the cookies that you worked so hard on! That's the beauty of such simple cookies recipes! There's no better feeling than handing someone that you love a cookie that you made!

 8.      More cost effective

Simple cookie recipes are a lot cheaper than your regular old Chips Ahoy (watch out for that caramine...). In fact, you could probably make twice as many cookies for a quarter of the cost of a pack of store-bought cookies. Let's face it—there are plenty of easy recipes for you! Take the time to check them out—there's no reason not to!

 9.      It's a learning experience!

There are loads of recipes for cookies out there! And there are loads of recipes that you can choose from, change around, and make special! Take the time to learn about all sorts of different recipes! Let's face it—why not? You can learn how to make loads of different types of cookies! And once you're done, you can learn about more complicated cookies! The simple cookies recipes that you can check out are all over the place—don't be afraid to check out everywhere! There's so much you can do when you discover the many different recipes out there!

10.  It's fun

Sure, the clean-up might be a slight hassle, but when it comes to simple cookie recipes, you can't go wrong just giving it a try! Not to mention it's fun. You can decorate your cookies however you want. Not to mention that you can easily create your own cookie recipes and even pull in your little ones to help! The beauty of these particular recipes is that they're not only quick, fun, and easy, but they're ageless. Not to mention that you get to make your favorite cookies—any time that you want! You don't have to go anywhere. Not just that, but you also can adapt your recipes and make them healthier! Maybe you have a little extra junk in the trunk that you want to get rid of—it's really easy to fix, when you're the one cooking!