Thought about selling your home lately? Here are 10 reasons to sell your home now!

1. Economy in Recession

A recessed economy is always a time to worry about the value of your home, security of your job, profitability of your investments and other issues related to your finances and money. By choosing to sell your home now you can have cash on hand in the event you do get laid off or you have an emergency without any money to pay for it.

2. Prevent Foreclosure

Your home can be foreclosed on when you don't pay your lender the money you promised when you took out a mortgage on your home. Rather than lose your entire investment and have no place to live, you can sell your home and make a profit.

3. Housing Bubble has Burst

With the bursting of the housing bubble, prices have decreased as more and more prospective buyers are leery to purchase a home given the current mortgage crisis and economic recession. Prices will most likely continue to go down until the economy turns around and people are confident about making purchases.

4. Health

Health may also be a reason to sell your home. Disabilities and aging can make it extremely difficult for you to take care of a home, thus you should consider whether your health is a reason to sell.

5. Save Money

You may find that you can make more money if you sell your home now, and invest the money from the sale in the stock market or other financial opportunities. This is especially true if your house value has become stagnant or started to decline.

6. Retirement

Similar to health, retirement can be a popular reason to sell your home and relocate somewhere else. Whether it is a retirement community or a home closer to family, you can use the money from the sale of your current home to fund your move to a new location.

7. Opportunity to Make a Profit

Although the housing market has slowed and the economy is in a recession, this isn't quite accurate for all areas of the United States. Some still have locations where the housing market is still booming, and this may be true where you live. If so, you can sell your home now and make a huge profit to invest or purchase a new home.

8. Neighborhood is Declining

Declining neighborhoods often force some people to move due to their exposure to crime and the decreasing value it has on their home. You may need to sell your home now in order to move to a safer location before your neighborhood declines even further.

9. Value of Home Decreasing

The decreasing of your overall home value is another reason to sell your home and move elsewhere. A number of different things can cause the value of your home to deflate, and it can take several years to get it back up to its current state. It's best to sell your home now before the value slips even more.

10. It's Easy

The final reason to sell your home is the fact that it is easy. Simply contact a local realtor for assistance.