Walking on Glaciers

Alaska is home to the most accessible glaciers on the continent.  There are over 600 named glaciers in the 49th state.  Glaciers are scattered across the land, and yes you can walk on some of them.  There are not many places this accessible that allow you to walk out and stand on a glacier.  If you are near Anchorage check out the Matanuska, Portage, and Spencer glaciers.  Down by Seward the Kenai Fjords National Park will give you access to Exit glacier and the Harding Ice Fields.  Prince William Sound is home to the Columbia and Worthington glaciers near Valdez.  If you are down in Southeast Alaska you will have the Malaspina and Mendenhall Glaciers to venture to.  

10 Reasons to Visit Alaska

Watching Northern Lights Dance Across the Sky

A true northern lights experience will be jaw dropping.  We’re not talking about seeing neat colors in the sky, Alaskan northern lights put on a show of deep, intense, and dynamic colors bouncing throughout the sky above you.  The best time to experience the northern lights are September to April.  Prepare to get up in the middle of the night to witness the show.

Reasons to Visit Alaska

The Iditarod Baby

Yes you read it right, dog mushing is the state sport of Alaska.  Alaskan’s fully embrace this sport and the Iditarod is the perfect example of how they do it.  The Iditarod is a race that spans 1,000 miles of Alaska’s brutal environment.  Temperatures commonly drop below zero.  Big festivities are put on at the beginning of the race in Anchorage and at the end in Nome.  

10 Reasons For You to Visit Alaska

Catching Monster Halibut and Salmon

The biggest state in the U.S. is home to some of the biggest fish you will ever catch.  Sports fisherman come to Alaska drooling over the notion of catching 100 lb. halibut and 40 lb. king salmon.  The best part about it is that it is a reality.  Nearly all of the coastal towns in Alaska from Southeast’s Inside Passage to Prince William Sound and the Kenai Peninsula have a fleet of professionals ready to take you out and catch a trophy.  

10 Reasons to Visit Alaska Today

Big Game Hunting

Big game animals are diverse in Alaska.  You have the opportunity to go after caribou, black bear, brown/grizzly bear, dall sheep, moose, mountain goat, musk ox, and bison.  Hunts can be short and sweet or long and tiresome.  Some of the best guide services in the country are in Alaska.  These guys will provide you with everything you need to bring home the trophy of a lifetime.  

10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Alaska Today

Exploring Denali National Park

Denali National Park consists of 6 million acres of wild Alaskan country.  The environment turns from low tundra to extreme mountainous peaks and is home to North America’s tallest peak Mt. McKinley.  Things to do in the park include hiking, fishing, biking, hunting, rafting, camping, bus tours, and guided park walks.  Wildlife viewing is out of this world and do not be surprised to stumble across moose, caribou, or brown bear.  The highway system running along the park makes accessibility easy and comfortable.  

Reasons Why You Need to Visit Alaska

Cruising Alaska's Inside Passage

Southeast Alaska is home to the Inside Passage.  A beautiful waterway that is protected from the open ocean and home to Alaska’s premiere cruise destinations.  The big cruise lines will stop in Ketchikan, Sitka, Juneau, Haines, and Skagway.  Cruises will also take you to scenic areas including Glacier Bay National Park, Hubbard Bay, and Tracy Arm Fjord.  You will be able to experience some of Alaska’s mote beautiful sites and memorable towns.  

Reasons Why You Must Come and Visit Alaska

Travel Made Easy via Alaska Highways

Alaska’s highway system is not given the credit it deserves.  These highways will take you throughout Alaska and let you experience so much area at a reasonable price.  Campgrounds are scattered throughout the system and travelers have no problem finding a place to pitch their tent or hook up their RV for the night.  Highways include the Glenn Highway, Richardson Highway, Tok Cut-Off, Alaska Highway, Seward Highway, Sterling Highway, and Parks Highway.  Experience so much of Alaska in a short period of time via the road system.  

10 Reasons to Come and Visit Alaska Now

Camping Gone Wild

You can turn camping in Alaska into a 10 day backcountry adventure or simply pitch your tent at a campground outside of Denali National Park.   The summer season opens camp sites throughout the state.  The highway systems host campgrounds along rivers and at premiere destinations such as national parks.  Outfitters and bush pilots can set you up on a back country camp and provide you with all of the gear.  Camping in Alaska is whatever you decide it to be, either way it will be breath taking.  

10 Reasons For You to Visit Alaska

Hiking in the Last Frontier

Where to begin, there are the famous hiking trails like the Chilkoot Pass or uncharted areas such as the Brooks Range.  Day hikes around local communities can bring you to some of the best scenic areas in the state.  There are mountains to hike or hidden bays to discover.  Hike to secret fishing holes or to find some of Alaska’s big game animals.  The last frontier will satisfy your hiking desires.  

10 Reasons to Visit the State of Alaska

There it is, 10 Reason to Visit Alaska.  Let us know your reasons to visit this great state.  Please help us share this article to spread the word on traveling the Last Frontier.  


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