10 Reasons why Women dump Men
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     Have you ever been dumped by a women and have no idea why? You’re left standing there with a dumb look on your face while the woman of your dreams walks out of your life and into your memories. She gave you a reason, they always do. However there is a good chance that her saying “It’s not you, It’s me” is not very close to the truth. There are many reasons why woman push men out of their life, and not for the reasons you would think. If you are in a relationship with a woman you would like to keep in your life then these are some things you are going to want to avoid. So here are ten common reasons why women dump men.

  • Failure to provide the following: Sex, Excitement, Security, Authenticity and Emotional Support. If you fail to provide any of these she may lose attraction for you and move on to someone who does.
  • Insecurity: A lot of men out there are insecure within themselves and therefore exhibit submissive or arrogant behavior. Both are equally distasteful to a woman; arrogance attempting to cover up insecurity will put her off and submissive behavior will fail to make her feel like a woman. You like to feel like a man, she likes to feel like a woman!
  • Jealousy: When you’re in public with a woman and another man shows her attention, you not only embarrass her but you embarrass yourself when you explode into jealousy. What you’re saying to her is that you do not have the confidence to hold on to her in the face of competition.
  • Clingy behavior:  If you are too clingy or hang on to her physically when you are out in public together, not allowing her room to breathe and enjoy herself out of your fear of losing her, then you are being too clingy. If you always follow her and never let her go out on her own like a puppy dog then you are being too clingy and it’s not attractive. You will cramp her style and make her feel uncomfortable around you.
  • Constant confrontation:  A disagreement here and there or a squabble once in a while can keep a relationship healthy, get the juices flowing and possibly ignite your passions. However if you’re fighting and constantly confronting here then you are showing her that you have a lack of emotional stability. If you cannot control your own emotions, how are you going to provide security for her?
  • Controlling behavior:  If you monitor her every move, know where she is every minute of the day and make her update you constantly about what she is doing this is called controlling behavior. Where are you going? What did you do last night? Did he talk to you? Controlling behaviour is a very bad sign of an abusive relationship and can lead to violence and death. If this is you them perhaps some counseling is in order? Regardless this type of behaviour is going to tire her; sooner or later she will rebel and break free of the chains that bind her!
  • Approval seeking behavior:  Laughing too much to make her happy with you or being way too nice to her. There is such a thing as a cake that is too rich, and when you spend all your time kissing her butt, you will garner the same result and the cake is refused. If you nod too much when she is talking to you it indicates to her that you are seeking her approval; which implies that you are not good enough for her and she will definitely pick up on this.
  • Indecisiveness:  Woman can forgive just about any flaw with the acception of indecisiveness. If she wants to know where you are going for dinner and you stutter, stall and ultimately leave the decision with her it will turn her off. You are the male in the relationship and those decisions are being left up to you for a reason, she does not want to be burdened with them. Take charge and pick a place, if she has an objection they she will let you know. It is far worse to be indecisive than to just pick the first place that pops into your head even thought it may be wrong; no decision is worse than a wrong decision.
  • Competing with her:  If you are constantly in competition with her then you are not showing her that you are happy for her success. You are not providing the blanket of security but instead removing her security by being a source of competition inside your relationship. She wants you to have her back, and so you should. So take care of her, support her and be there for her.
  • Butt kissing: Butt kissing implies to her that you are not good enough for her and will therefore make you less attractive. I have heard the phrase “Don’t put me on a pedestal” from women and this is exactly what they are referring too.  You should be at equal footing in a relationship; if you put yourself lower than her then eventually she will lose respect and start treating you like a servant rather than a lover.

       If you look back at the relationships you have had with women that ended, I would bet that it was because one of the above reasons came into play. So make sure you are familiar with them. Pay attention to your behavior and look for ways to improve the way you act in a relationship. She wants love, security and to feel like a woman. So bring it to her, avoid the ten reasons why women dump men, and you will have your girl forever!

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