1)     Plants and Flowers - Hike in the national parks and experience nature.

South Africa’s very unique vegetation called “Fynbos”, occurs in a small belt of the Western Cape and also Table Mountain. 8 600 plant species over a distance of 90 000 square kilometers make this the only one of its kind in the world. “Fynbos” ranges from very small flowers, to the huge King protea which is also the national flower. In the Eastern Cape, large indigenous forests can be found. The canopy cover of forests is continuous, comprised mostly of evergreen trees where forest animals live, such as the very unique and beautiful Knysna Lourie.


2)     Animals – Go on a Safari.

Africa’s big 5, lions, rhinos, leopards, African elephants and Cape buffalo as well as many others can be seen in the Kruger National Park in the Northern part of South Africa. You can experience these wild animals on a safari trip with friendly guides. May to September is the best time of year to visit the Kruger National Park.


3)     People – The multi-cultural country

Over the last 4 centuries people have come from all over the world, mostly Europe and Asia, to make South Africa  their home. They all have combined in a nation that is known as the “Afrikaner” and today it is not hard for foreigners to find a common language with local South Africans. Cuisine from all over the world can be found here and restaurants compare with the best in the world.


4)     Quietness – Spend time in the countryside!

South Africa is a great holiday destination but it is more than that. It is a place where you can find rest, peace and quiet. Your tour will not be complete without spending time in the country. Make time to travel the extra distance and visit places like the “Karoo” region, or book in at a local bed and breakfast and spend time with the friendly locals. Enjoy fresh oven baked bread, with homemade jam, and freshly ground coffee. Walk out at night, and watch the stars that are so unique to the Southern hemisphere.


5)     Fishing and hunting

There are great opportunities for hunting and fishing. Visit the local fishing communities and you can charter a trip to catch tuna or snoek. In mountain streams there are black bass as well as rainbow trout or brown trout.

Hunting is also a great experience for tourists. There are many farms in South Africa whose doors are open to assist tourists in the technique of hunting a variety of buck, or for the trophy hunter, more dangerous animals; like buffalo, lion, or elephant.


6)     Beaches – Walk or swim in the blue ocean.

If you enjoy surfing, swimming or even walking in the water, the lovely white beaches of South Africa offer great opportunities for them all. With two coastlines, one on the east and the other on the west there is a wide variety to choose from. With the cold-water current at the western coast, water temperature is much colder and swimming without a wetsuit is not advised. The warm current on the east coast however, provides nice warm water to swim and scuba dive


7)     Cities - Experience our city life

Cape Town is one of the most popular traveling destinations of the world. Guarded by Table Mountain, which is about 1000m high it offers a great variety of cinemas, theaters, shops and museums. Many restaurants and coffee shops will give you a very unique experience. Find a coffee shop at the foot of the mountain overlooking the ocean and you will be satisfied!


8)     Weather

South Africa  does not have such cold winters as the European countries, and outdoor activities can easily be performed in winter as well as in summer. Although you have to select your activities more carefully, as many will not go swimming in a mountain pool in winter, but hiking up the mountain will be perfect.


9)     Transport

South Africa has 10 airports of which 3 are international and 7 domestic terminals. There are a variety of bus and train transports available as well, servicing all the major towns in the country. This will make traveling easy. Parks like the Kruger National Park are very common tourist attractions and are also easy to reach.


10) Wine

The Cape wine lands produce some of the best wines and brandies in the world. Along the Western Cape wine route, tourists can experience a variety of estate wines. There are very few things in life as beautiful as watching an African sunset, with a glass of good wine, and listening to the sound of a campfire.


See you in Africa!