Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing
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10 Recurring Themes in Internet Marketing

During my research into the many ways to make money online, I started to pick up on several recurring themes found in many Internet Marketing related blogs and websites.

Many of them are interesting, and some of them provide great lessons and perspectives that we can incorporate into our current careers. 

1. Provide or add VALUE

This has to be THE most common theme in Internet Marketing. In fact, i think its the most common theme in any business, entrepreneurship or marketing source. Almost every blog or website related to Internet Marketing has a blog post or article related to this. 

"Focus on providing value for your customers and the cash flow will come."

The idea behind the concept of adding value is to focus on creating something that will help others in some way. If whatever you've created is able to help enough people in a significant manner, people will be willing to PAY you for it.
Many of the courses and membership sites online are created based on this concept. 

The takeaway

Focus on helping people rather than trying to earn money. This will bring greater meaning to whatever you are doing, and help to motivate you when the going gets tough. In daily life, focus on trying to help people rather than on money too. This will provide more meaning to life, allowing you to feel happier and more fulfilled.

2. Passion

What is your passion? This recurring theme is another common idea that many blogs and websites mention it. Many online sources also included tips and tricks to help people find their passion.

 "Do what you love, and the cash flow will follow".

I am not sure if that is an advice, or a dream. Some prolific Internet Marketers share stories about how they started out Internet Marketing on the side as an interest, or as a focus on their passion. Others simply started out because they had no other choice. 

The takeaway

Regardless of your stand in this topic, I think the greatest takeaway about passion is this; having passion allows you to overcome hardships and obstacles. Plus, it keeps you from feeling lost. It's better to work with something you are passionate about. However, it is NOT compulsary. As long as you know have a clear goal, anything is possible. Which brings me to the next point.


What is your purpose? Why are you interested in Internet Marketing?

"When you know your why, the how will follow."
This is another popular saying. And truth be told, I HATE this quote.

My interpretation of this quote is that once you figure out your purpose, you will work your ass off to find out the 'how' and take action.
However, so many people seem to believe that once you figured out your purpose, some big miracle will happen and you will be drowning in a pile of cash. 

The takeaway

Take a moment to reflect on what is your purpose of doing whatever you are focusing in life currently. Write down your purpose and use remind yourself of it whenever you meet an obstacle or are feeling discouraged.

Be realistic. Knowing your purpose will drive and motivate you to work hard. It does NOT imply that it will be raining gold the next day.

Knowing your purpose will keep you on track through the journey. But, you'd still have to put in the WORK.

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Building off from the previous point about your purpose, is a similar theme; Dreams.

Common dreams that are used to sell the concept of internet marketing includes the following.

Do you dream of having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want? Do you wish to travel the world and lead the 'laptop' life? Do you wish to just send off a few emails every time you need money in your bank account?

Most of these dreams are captivating. Many are very desirable. Many remain unbelievable.

The takeaway

Dreams can be made into your reality. However, with all the glamour associated with internet marketing, we tend to forget that you'd still have to WORK hard to turn those dreams into reality.

It is easy to fall into internet marketing with an assumption that everything is just a click away. Do not forget that time and effort has to be put in to building a base to which you can send off those emails to.
This does not only apply to internet marketing, it applies to ANY dream.


Learn to brand yourself if you want to be successful online.

Although most people would like to get into Internet Marketing to earn money while 'hiding' behind a computer, those who are more prolific and successful tend to put themselves out there. These prolific Internet Marketers are branding themselves on almost every available media space on the internet, ranging from Facebook to pod-casts.
With such a status in the industry, not only would you have new players coming to you for advise and buying your products, fellow Internet Marketers will start to reach out and network with you. Many of them may also end up as your customers.

Of course, there will definitely be some exceptional internet marketers who are not prolific, however many of them are, and there are even more who aspire to become prolific.

The takeaway

To become successful in anything, you will have to be willing to do whatever it takes. Step out of your comfort zones and remember, "do what others won't, to get what others don't".