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10 Recurring Themes in Internet Marketing - Part II

This is Part 2 of the recurring themes in Internet Marketing (IM), view Part 1 of this series at


Learn to sell.

In my article about the 10 ways to make money online, all of the methods involve some sort of selling. If you are doing affiliate marketing, you have to sell the concept of the affiliate product or service to your audience. If you are blogging, you have to sell the importance and attractiveness of your blog to your readers so as to retain them.

The ability to sell is a very useful tool whether or not you are into Internet Marketing.

Some people do not like to use the word 'sell', they prefer the softer word 'refer' or 'introduce'.

the takeaway

Whenever we interact with others, we are actually involved in the process of selling. From persuading friends to pick a particular movie to asking others to donate to a charity, the ability to sell is one that everyone should pick up.

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As the saying goes, 'your net worth is determined by your network'.

Internet Marketing can be a boring job if you stay at home, staring and working in front of your computer everyday.

Some Internet Marketers will go out and meet others to exchange knowledge and skills. Some will go out and network with the hope of possible Joint Ventures. Some will go out and meet others working in the same IM field so as to create links on their websites. Regardless of what your purpose is, the recurring theme is the Importance of Networking.

Networking with others will allow you to leverage off others and vis versa.

the takeaway

Interact with people from your field. As you get to know more people and talk to them, more  opportunities will definitely open up.

8.Take action

Another common recurring theme that is present in most Internet Marketing related sources.

Procrastination seems to be a major issue that most people are dealing with. And so, many blogs and websites have posts and articles that urge people to get off their bums and Take Action. There are a lot of people reading up on Internet Marketing and dreaming of having the dream lifestyle. However, many of these people keep on reading for the rest of their life, because they become ''paralyzed by over-analysis".

These sources include articles or online courses that teaches you how to creating a website or blog or ebook within an hour, in lesser number of steps than the fingers you have on your hands. Some even teach you how to outsource everything, so that you dont "need to do anything".

the takeaway

Motivation is more of an internal process than an external one. Given access to the same 'how to make money online' course, different people with different levels of self motivation will get varying results. The only choice here is, whether you should blame the resource for being 'lacking', or blame yourself for not 'acting'.

9.Hard Work vs Get Rich Quick

Consumers have become smarter (and more skeptical). Get rich quick schemes and marketing is not longer as attractive as it was previously.

Currently, the recurring theme seems to portray your real self, and the 'attack' on the get rich quick mindset. Most internet marketing sources now focus on 'working hard' and 'getting rich slowly'.

the takeaway

Be realistic (again!). An empire is not built in a night. When faced with a get rich quick formula, question the possibilities and the methods.

When faced with all other marketing strategies, look for fair testimonials from your acquaintances or friends. (I always take the 'official' testimonials with a pinch of salt)

If possible, choose the free trial option and see if you are comfortable with whatever you are planning to invest in.


This is another recurring theme. Plus, the word 'scam' is actually quite a competitive keyword, especially for affiliate marketing or network marketing products and services. Just search for the product name together with the word 'scam' and you will see loads of websites with captivating headlines exclaiming that the product is a scam.

Read on, and you will discover one of two possibilities, the website ends up promoting that very product, or it will end up promoting an alternative product.

the takeaway

Always do your research and due diligence before purchasing a product or service. Always CHECK the source.

Are there any possibilities of bias-ness in the reviews? Look for neutral sources and reviews. 
This takeaway works for anything else that is sold to you.

What do you think?

I have covered the 10 recurring themes in Internet Marketing which I have noticed. They are as follows;

  1. Provide or Add Value
  2. Passion
  3. Purpose
  4. Dream
  5. Branding
  6. Sell
  7. Network
  8. Take Action
  9. Hard Work vs Get Rich Quick
  10. Scam

Read about the first 5 themes in Part I of the 10 recurring themes in Internet Marketing.

Have you also noticed these themes? Are there any other themes that I should have mentioned? Leave a comment if you have any other themes that I may have missed!

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