You can backlink your infobarrel articles by writing at the following revenue sharing websites. Not only this, these are revenue sharing websites so you can also make money there. These websites have a good chance of becoming one of your revenue streams.


RitePad is a relatively new website that shares 80% of the total ad impressions with authors on their content. RitePad also lets you add backlinks to your pages. You can add a maximum of two external links by writing a 300 word original post on RP.


HubPages allocates 60% of the total ad impressions to its authors on their content. You can earn from Adsense and HubAds both and there are some other options also.


Squidoo is one of the foremost websites in the business.You can publish content there and they claim to share 50% ad revenue with you on your content. Ad revenues are calculated by the website itself.


Factoidz have a payment system where they pay between $1 to $3 per thousand impressions. Factoidz use paypal to make their payments.


YouSayToo allows you to add your blog and you can write blogposts also.  They also have a revenue sharing model where they share 50% of the ad impressions with you on your content. They also have a referral system.


SheToldMe is mainly a bookmarking website that allows easy backlinks. You need to write a short description of your pages and you can get backlinks and also earn money from your backlinks. 


Triond has quite an ambiguos formula for calculating earnings. They claim to give you 50% of the earnings. The net revenue is calculated according to the following formula:

Earnings = page views * eRPM / 1000

Where eRPM can be anywhere between $0.5 and $10. This is a long range which makes the earnings ambiguous.


By writing at Bukisa you can earn 60% of the total revenue generated on your content.


eHow lets you write how-to articles and post how-to videos and you can earn money from these videos and articles through their revenue sharing program.


A crappy website being run by a bunch of amateurs. You will be wasting your time by publishing your content there because it can get deleted whenever they want and that too without a reason. All the hype seems to be due to the 10% referral bonuses awarded by referring others.